Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the snacks.

This week, our directive is 10 Favorite Snacks – since snacking seems to be one of my hobbies, this should be pretty easy!

1.  Popcorn – I’m not supposed to eat it because of all the dental work but I just can’t stop.  I throw two handfuls and a drizzle of oil in a paper lunch sack, microwave for two minutes and voila!  Quick, easy and none of those lovely chemicals I can’t pronounce that are in the microwave stuff.  ;o)

2.  Tic Tacs – I know they aren’t a snack but I eat them to survive when the blood sugar dips

3.  Fruit Leather/Fruit Strips whatever you want to call it, I try to get the mostly fruit, nothing weird kind

4.  Cheese Puffs – I actually cannot buy a large bag of these, I can only get the snack kind because I’ll sit down and eat the whole. thing.

5.  Same with Doritos.

6.  3 Girl Scout cookies and a cup of tea

7.  Greek yogurt with a bit of granola

8.  Yogurt and grapes or apples

9.  Cheese & Crackers

10.  Pringles – the Dill Pickle flavor is a personal favorite

I know there are more but I’m stopping at 10 – what are your favorite snacks?

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14 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. We are such kindred snacking spirits! I love every item on your list and I am definitely going to try your popcorn technique – it sounds fabulous and I love that it doesn’t have any of the scientific experiment stuff in it.
    Amy’s last post …Ten on Tuesday

  2. I stuck to a “healthy” theme, but much of your list would be on mine if I hadn’t restricted myself :-) Although somehow I managed to forget to include popcorn, even though we’ve been eating it fairly regularly lately. DH and I are addicted to the Natural White Cheddar Cheetos, though they don’t come in snack size bags so I try really hard to not bring them home from the store, LOL!
    Kristi aka FiberFool’s last post …10 on Tuesday- Favorite Snacks

  3. Yes…popcorn!!! A few years ago, our grocery carried these amazing gourmet cheese puffs for a while. They spoiled me on cheese puffs forever, and now I can’t find them. :-( Never been a Pringles fan. I remember one very long car ride from Charlotte, NC, to Myrtle Beach with a friend’s family where the only thing to eat was Pringles and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches which I also didn’t like. Bleh… :-)
    Laurie’s last post …Ten on Tuesday – 10 Favorite Snacks

  4. Thank you for the popcorn microwave “recipe”. I’ll certainly try it out.
    I love popcorn too. I usually make it the old-fashioned way (in a pot) to avoid the chemical stuff in the microwave kind, but your tip is great and will save me lots of hassle next time.
    My fav snacks certainly include, in addition to popcorn: Doritos (only “nachos” for me), lavash grain crackers, cashews, peanuts, yogurt with granola, bananas, clementines, cream cheese on toast, corn flakes (weird, I know).

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