Clermont 2011 – Times Two

First, let me say thank you to everyone who left comments and emailed regarding Beanie.  Every one of them helped and mean a lot to both of us.  We are doing …better.  Jazz still has a lost look in her eyes but she’s getting lots of pets and smooches to help her feel lots of love.

Now, onward :o)

This year, I again sold my bags at the Clermont Festival.  The first show on April 23rd was a rainy mess but we had a good turnout and I sold a bunch of bags.  I didn’t get a chance to take a lot of photos that day but here is one that sums it up nicely:

Clermont 1.0 - to sum up

This past weekend they had a ‘Market Day’ which was a freebie do-over for those of use who froze and got covered in mud during Clermont 1.0 – turnout wasn’t anything to write home about but we did okay and it was nice to be a little more relaxed.

Clermont 2.0 - also wet, muddy & cold

Hopefully next year the weather will cooperate since this is a wonderful little show on beautiful grounds!  Heck, hopefully it will cooperate for Cummington, wet sheep smell terrible.

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8 thoughts on “Clermont 2011 – Times Two

  1. A do-over day is a really nice thing to have. It looks like it was hella muddy.

    And then if it gets hot, the wet sheep shrink……….(yeah, sorry. I was explaining felting to a neighbor yesterday who jumped to that analogy.)
    Carrie#K’s last post …Shouldnt It Rain Less in May

  2. I bought a couple of bags from you at Clermont 1.0. I am heading up to Cummington tomorrow morning and am so happy to know you will be there too! People love my black and white skulls box bag! I have been using it as a wrist purse at times. Love it! I may have to get some more. :)

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