*tap* *tap*

…is this thing on?

Wow have I been neglecting the blog!  I’m going to try to stop by and post a little more often than *cough* onceamonth *cough*, I promise!

For today, I thought I’d share my Knit in Public Day knitting:

My KIP knitting

Yep, that’s it.  The start of a toe.  At least I did something, right?  ;o)  I was happy I remembered what day it was and that I needed to leave the house!

What did you do on Saturday for KIP Day?


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9 thoughts on “*tap* *tap*

  1. I washed batches of fleece and stuck them directly into the dye pots, restarted a crochet project for a special someone who’s been waiting patiently a very long time, and researched wholesale products for the show season. And attended my MIL’s teacher retirement party/roast. It was a busy day.

    I just realized I KIPd too, or rather CIPd. I crocheted the whole time they didn’t serve food. It was a 4 hour party, thank god I brought the project. Enjoy your sock, looks like handspun?

  2. I did not knit in public on Saturday but I did on Sunday while at the Apple store with Hannah. That counts, right? The Apple geeks were impressed.

  3. I knit at my nephew’s high school graduation! Before the skies opened up & it poured & we got soaked :) Thank goodness I’d put my cotton yarn in my coat pocket ;)

  4. Hedgehog bag! (I get many compliments on mine; I love it!)

    I knit with my SnB on Saturday, though it wasn’t in public. But at least it was at someone else’s house, and not mine!

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