Did I Tell You?

I bought a Nook Color.  (This is the first of several ‘Did I Tell You?’ posts that I’ll be putting up here and there to get you all up to date on all the lovely little details of my life – aren’t you excited?  I am!  Thanks to Deb for the idea!)

Waaay back in February, Risa pointed out to me that Ebay was doing this ‘buy back’ promotion for old electronics.  At the time, I had my iPhone 4 and was happy and I had an iPhone 3Gs that was sitting, waiting to be a GPS for my car.  I also wanted a Nook Color really, really, REALLY bad.  When I saw that the trade-in company would give me $200 for my iPhone, I got very, very, VERY excited.  The NC was within reach!  Then, Groupon had a $20 gift card for $10 Barnes & Noble deal and THEN I finally sold my old set of Denise needles.  Which meant I could get my NC for FREE!

So I did.

My Nook Color

I played with it as a reader for…about five minutes.  Then, I proceeded to root it so I could have an android tablet.  About an hour later, I had it rooted!  Success!

Then, they came out with the Froyo update which brings flash to Android (so you can stream Netflix and Hulu and other lovely things).  I wanted flash on my Nook in a bad way but I was terrified because they didn’t have the Auto-Nooter program set up for the new update – plus, I would have to roll the software back to factory before I could do the update in the first place.  The update came out in April, I managed to hold off until Monday.

I spent a whole. day. rolling back, bricking, unbricking, updating, re-rooting, installing a ROM I *HATED*, rolling back AGAIN, rooting AGAIN and reinstalling everything from backup.  But I did it – and I didn’t cry, not even once.  ;o)

So now my Nook looks like this:

Rooted !

and I can still read books on it (it still has the Nook operating system) from B&N AND the Kindle app, watch movies on it, and keep track of my knitting projects, and update my Etsy shop and…and… well, do everything on it that you can do on an iPad or Android tablet (except no camera – but I can live with that) for far less money.  I’m happy :o)

Thanks for letting me wave my geek flag, I don’t do it often so I appreciate your patience with me when I start babbling on about coding and ROMs and all that stuff.  ;o)

If you are looking to root your own NC, this website is a good jumping off point.

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17 thoughts on “Did I Tell You?

  1. Here’s my question: what can you do with a rooted Nook that you can’t do with an unrooted one? I read a bunch about rooting my Droid & there just didn’t seem to be any compelling reason. BTW, much as I love my Nook Color, the update has been nothing but misery. I’m considering rolling back to factory to get rid of it.

  2. Rorra says:

    Ha! My husband did something similar! He hasn’t updated it in a while but we love it. Word, to what Cookie said.

  3. I’m with everyone else–incredibly impressed, clueless about the language you’re speaking about how you did it, and yeah, kind of jealous/envious! Way to go! That’s a lot to accomplish with one post!

  4. Woo hoo! I understood all of that, unlike some others. I’ve got mine running Honeycomb with a flashed rom. Was tempted to put it back, but haven’t played with it much as the battery life is just appalling. I’ve been using the iPad instead ;)
    Risa’s last post …Picnic lunches

  5. Karen C says:

    I seriously need to do whatever you did – you’re amazing! I’ve had my NC since xmas and can’t do half the stuff you mentioned – but want to – BAD! Help!

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