Did I Tell You…

…I had friends visit last week!  Sairy, HolyKnitBalls (um holycrap Sharon, update your blog already! ;op ) and Zarzuela spent a few days at my house – and we spent some time doing this:

At the lake

We also spent time spinning on my porch, spinning while watching Bollywood movies, laughing at (with? heh) Sangria Sairy (who does NOT like Bollywood hippies) and running around through a surprise rainstorm. It was pretty awesome.  Well, excepting the rainstorm.  ;o)


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9 thoughts on “Did I Tell You…

  1. Anne says:

    I’m sorry I missed it. But if you get an order from Houston? You know who sent them your way, right? ;^)

    Why yes, I *do* carry a stack of your business cards inside my box bags. Why do you ask? /batts eyelashes innocent like

  2. Diane S. says:

    You know how much I wish I could of made it. Atleast I’ve gotten to spend time with each of you girls lately and you’re up next Mrs. JessaLu !!! The lake looks so peaceful…well atleast I bet that was the way you girls found it, not so sure it was left that way! lol And I would love a video of Sangria Sairy’s antics! roflmao

    Glad that you all had some well deserved fun! And Anne, you are just awesome!
    Hope to hear from you soon,

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