FO: Hat for Winky!

So it begins…aren’t grandmas supposed to churn out the handknits for their grandchildren? ;o)

It only took me two days – there’s something to be said for knitting for small children!  Back view:

Hat! (and Daedo needs a shave!)

(Daedo seriously needs to shave more often! ;o) )

Front view:

Hat for Winky


Project: Child’s Hat with PomPom from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders

Yarn:  Dancing Leaf Farm Bee Bop – no colorway on label. Purchased at Rhinebeck 2011

Needle:  US 7

Time to Knit: TWO DAYS! So awesome.


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16 thoughts on “FO: Hat for Winky!

  1. Dobby says:

    I love that hat. I love that picture with Deado. And I also LOVE my baby girl’s eyes. I hope she keeps them. Those are heartbreaking eyes.

  2. I just literally gasped when I saw Winky’s eyes!!!
    When i read about this post on Twitter i was thrilled to hear we’d finally see Winky (I’m so slow — I only just got that: Winky/Dobby – ai ya){unless of course there are posts w/pics I missed; entirely possible}
    She is gorgeous!!
    and yes, Grandma’s should knit lots and share lots and lots of pictures.

    Thank you!

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