Trying to get back…

…into the blogging saddle – can you tell? ;o)

I’ve been so busy making bags, I have barely had time to do anything but sew, sleep and eat and the blog has suffered immensely. I’m going to try to put a stop to the suffering – of course, I’ve said that before but this time I have a blogging buddy! My friend Sairy and I are both knitting a sweater and we’re going to blog our progress (she’s a bad blogger too, hehe).

I have my yarn wound and my pattern on my new toy (Santa brought me an iPad) so I am ready to go!

The Beginning

Any guesses on what pattern I’ve chosen? ;o)

Also, over the weekend I celebrated a blog milestone. I’ll be back tomorrow to continue the celebration so get ready for a contest!

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8 thoughts on “Trying to get back…

  1. Looks like the Effortless Cardigan to me. My pics in the pattern are dark like that as well on my iPad.
    I’m knitting it in madtosh vintage. Maybe I should blog my progress, I’m a bad blogger, too!

  2. I’m not sure what you are knitting but that yarn is beautiful! I got back into the blogging groove again myself after Christmas. I try to post every weekday but sometimes I falter. I’m looking forward to seeing your sweater progress!

  3. Julie says:

    Beautiful yarn!! Getting back into knitting again…forgot how much I enjoyed it! Plus its an awesome way for me to stop snacking at night!

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