The Beginning…

…of a sweater always starts out so promising. You have pretty yarn, you have needles, a pattern, if you are lucky, a nice bag to put it all in

Effortless Cardi

you cast on, you knit. You check the pattern, you keep knitting, back and forth (if it’s a flat knit), knit, purl

Effortless Cardi

you admire the fabric you’ve made so far, you count stitches to make sure you haven’t gotten ahead of yourself

Effortless Cardi

you decide to blog your progress, you pull out the camera, artfully arrange your knitting…

Effortless Cardi

…and then realize that at this point, the only thing it resembles is a shapeless blob.

Effortless Cardi

…but you blog about it anyway. ;op

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11 thoughts on “The Beginning…

  1. In truth, everyone thinks progress posts aren’t interesting, but if you have something to say about the fabric, the pattern, and you show cute carry bags in the background, it all becomes interesting! Nicely done.
    margene’s last post …Zen Ziggity

  2. Melissa says:

    But it’s a quite pretty shapeless blob. After all, as has been said knitter’s appreciate shapeless blobs, and we can see the sweater to come in it. can’t wait to see it when it’s a bit further along.

  3. Mine is a getting past the shapeless blob stage. I’m almost done with body, just added the third skein. What colorway are you using, it’s beautiful.

  4. I was really captivated by the knitting – shapeless though it may be. The colors are really nice. I also love the bag. It looks so familiar and then I realized that the shopping cart cover thingy I got for my baby is a very similar pattern. Clearly i like it a lot.

  5. Disagree. The pictures ends up showing the beautiful yarn that you are using, and how it is patterning in a lovely st st fabric.
    Laurie’s last post …SPA 2012

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