Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the wishing.

New easy-up just for the tent sale ;)

I was a vendor at the WEBS tent sale/fleece market on Saturday – it was a great day and was wonderful to see everyone! This photo shows my new booth setup, my new banner logo and my new vendor tent!

This week, our directive is ’10 Things You Wish You Liked’ – ready?

1.  Stevia in coffee – I’ve been trying to lose weight with a low sugar/low carb ‘life change’ (I refuse to call it a diet – and so far it’s working) and I just can’t do Stevia in my morning coffee.

2. Riding in a car for more than 2 hours – we’re supposed to be going to Indiana this summer for Pyro Convention and I’m dreading the ride there and back. Hopefully a visit to Cedar Point will help break up the ride…

3. Exercise – I’m pretty sure my aversion to it has directly contributed to my gaining 20 lbs since my wedding. Well, that and ice cream. and cupcakes.

4. Tofu – I’d like to do less meat but I really do not like Tofu. I’ve tried and tried and I just can’t

5. Soy Milk – also something I’ve tried and I can’t get past the fact that I’m drinking plants. It doesn’t help that I live in a farming community and I’m surrounded by fields of soybeans so I can’t forget where the soy milk comes from.

6. It’s not that I wish I liked them, it’s more like I wish I didn’t have a fear of tall ceilings. It pretty much nixes most concerts, sporting events held indoors, anything held in a cavernous space (Stitches East was a test of my nerves), churches, airplane hangars, etc. And yes, I know this is an odd fear and yes, the sky is fine.

7. Same goes for heights. Even heights in movies freak me out – I almost had to leave the room during Mission Impossible 4

8. Talking on the Phone – I’m such an introvert, talking on the phone for more than 10 minutes makes me feel like my brain has been liquefied. It would be so much easier if I could handle a telephone conversation.

I give up, I’ve been trying to think of 2 more things for the past hour and I just can’t! So tell me, what are the things you wish you like?

I’m heading back to the sewing machine, this weekend is Massachusetts Sheep & Wool and my bags will be in the Spunky Eclectic booth – will I see you there?

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15 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. Good list. I have to say ditto to a number of them. Am on same low-carb/low-sugar life change and can’t do truvia or anything other than splenda in my coffee. I figure one or two packages of no-carb sweetener won’t derail all. At least I ain’t using sugar. I guess I could try the exercise thing :)
    Risa’s last post …Perfect

  2. Cookie says:

    Don’t think about where the milk comes from, love. Just drink it. Gardenburger makes a chipotle black bean “burger” that is kind of nice if you like spicey.

    Btw, your #8 shocks me and leaves me somewhat speechless… and you know how hard that is. ;^)


  3. I’m not a big fan of soy or tofu. They hurt my delicate belly! I’m with you on the phone. I used to love talking on the phone, but now I really don’t so much.

    It was so nice to see you on Sat. I love my new bag, and the booth set up is great. I’m looking forward to my new job as Bag Mule.

  4. It isn’t quite low-carb, it is low net-carb because it is high in fiber – have you tried tempeh? They aren’t all created equal so if you try it don’t like it, don’t write it off completely. It took me a while.

    I’m also with you on the phone. DH & I have been known to order sub-standard pizza just because we could do so online without talking to anyone, LOL!
    Kristi aka FiberFool’s last post …Smokey Skies in May…

  5. jackie says:

    I have plans to look for your bags Sat. at Mass. S&W :-). I agree I do not like Stevia I’ve tried it several different times over 13 yrs! Sorry to the Soy Fans but I’ve become soy phobic since my mom’s breast cancer was positve for all hormone receptors and soy is a plant estrogen. I wish I liked texting but would rather talk in person. I wish I could get up in the morning to exercise before work :-).

  6. You’ve got a good list going. How about house cleaning? I have to be in the right mood to do a thorough job & perhaps if I liked it, I’d do it better/more often.
    Natalie’s last post …Socks!

  7. Jessica O says:

    I saw your doctor who bag on Kristin Nicholas’s website. I want it so bad! I love doctor who

  8. Oooh, we’re almost twinsies in a few of these areas. I’m not much for chatting on the phone, either — never was. I get vertigo during some TV commercials — like when a jeep is perched atop a mountain peak and a helicopter is swooping all around. Whoa, dizzy just thinking about it! I have a problem with most sweeteners other than sugar and honey — there’s something about their intensity. Someone mentioned black bean burgers (I’m with you when it comes to tofu) — I’ve used a recipe from Emeril to make them myself and they are AMAZING!! I’ll share if you’d like.
    Vicki’s last post …Painter’s progress

  9. Have you tried coconut milk? That stuff is not bad. I like splenda better then stevia. I thought I hated exercise but I really didn’t like someone telling me what to do. I started in January walking on the treadmill. I told my workout buddies that I was only going to do what I want to do and don’t pressure me into other stuff. Hate lifting weights, sit ups, crunches and push ups. So, I am not going to do that. Only doing what I like, I have lost 4 dress sizes. :-) Good luck to you.
    Katiebell’s last post …And Breathe

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