Spa Knit & Spin was…

…last weekend (yes it took me a week to recover lol) and also fun and exhausting all rolled up together! I had lots of fun helping Amy and hanging out with friends all weekend – but I was so busy, the camera never came out of the bag! I did manage a few photos while I was there and I think they sum up the weekend very well:

Spa Knit & Spin 2013

Spa Knit & Spin 2013


Spa Knit & Spin 2013

Wine, spinning and men in kilts. What more could you want? ;o)



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3 thoughts on “Spa Knit & Spin was…

  1. Cookie says:

    Photos of men in kilts. Hello!

    So glad you had a wonderful time. I hope you didn’t get cornered by anyone too dreadful…

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