Nine years ago, I jumped into the blogging world with this post. What followed has been an amazing journey of making new friends, learning new things and expanding my horizons to include a new craft-based business, better photography and being very picky about what kind of yarn and fiber I buy.

I wouldn’t have traded a second of it for anything.



What I’d like to do is celebrate the past nine years with a giveaway – leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner from them early next week for either a skein of my handspun yarn or $25 off a shop purchase. Tell your friends because if I get enough comments, I’ll make that two (or more) winners!

ETA: Okay, we’ve hit 50 comments, there will be two prizes! Winners will choose between a skein of my handspun yarn or $25 off of a shop purchase!



What’s in the photos, you ask? This is my newly-off-the-needles Brickless shawl!



I’ve wanted one for a while, I love the way it drapes! The pattern calls for worsted weight but I used DK and a slightly smaller needle



I love it.

Details can be found on my Ravelry Project Page

Don’t forget to comment to be entered into the drawing – I’ll be closing the comments on Sunday night (Feb. 23) then drawing for a winner (or winners) on Monday!

ETA: Comments are closed! I’ll be drawing a winner today and posting tomorrow – thank you all for playing! :o)

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92 thoughts on “Nine.

  1. I can’t believe it’s 9 years already! (Though come to think of it, I started Chappysmom in January 2005, so…) Anyway, I know I’m grateful you started blogging and glad to count you as a friend! (Chappy sends his congratulations too, by the way.)
    –Deb’s last post …Review: Cozy Knits

  2. Doris says:

    I love your Brickless…I have the pattern and plan to make it soon (after I finish a couple of projects I am working on for my expected grand baby). Congrats on nine years.

  3. Congratulations on nine years of blogging! I am very impressed and so proud of you and all the wonderful changes that have come your way in that time. I can’t imagine my life without you, my friend. Here’s to nine more!

    Oh, yes, and the schmatta is lovely, too. Blue? Who knew? ;^)


  4. Caroline Ferreri says:

    Congratulations on 9 years. I am a new fan and just love the things you make. Here’s to another 9 years and as many more after as you wish :)

  5. KittenWithAWhiplash says:

    As Fat Albert would say “Hey hey hey! Gonna have a good time!” Happy Anniversary and congrats on 9 years. I’m still totally in love my Robot Bag from your 5th anniversary – and it”s really not showing any wear considering how much I use it..

  6. Hieka says:

    I had no idea you blogged as well! I just found your bags last year and they are by far my favorite knitting accessory. I get more compliments on them. I would love to meet you in person sometime and can’t wait to purchase more bags.

  7. Happy blogiversary!! Love your Brickless. How many yards for the DK? I actually have NO appropriate worsted for it. Go figure. My name is Laurie and it has been 63 days since I have purchased yarn.

  8. Manise says:

    Happy 9th Blogiversary, Jess! I can’t believe time has flown as it has. Beautiful blue Brickless too. :-)

  9. NINE! Does this mean you will blog more than once a year? You stay very busy with your business, your knitting, grand baby and enjoying life. It would be great if you shared a little with us here. Keep blogging alive! Happy Blogiday!!
    margene’s last post …Happiness is a Birthday

  10. reeciespieces says:

    So glad you linked this on FB! I didn’t know you had a blog. Congrats on keeping with it for so long!

    I can’t wait to

  11. Michelle says:

    Many congratulations on your anniversary! Love your products…love that shawl! Looking so forward to seeing you at SPA in Freeport next week!

  12. Judy11 says:

    Love my bag from you. Learned of you from my daughter who had one (and now owns more) of your bags and l-o-v-e-s them dearly. Can never have too many of them. Oh and shawl is gorgeous, fab color for you!!

  13. Melissa says:

    Congrats on nine years. Thank you for the links for the shawl. I hadn’t come across it, and I”m in love. Also, adore the yarn you used.

  14. Jackie Patrick says:

    Love your bags!!
    Love the Brickless…beautiful!!
    Here’s to 9 more years!! And 9 after that…and……….. :)

  15. Lynda says:

    That blue is amazing. I’m glad you started blogging and that you started your craft based business cuz I love me some stitched by Jessalu!!!!!

  16. Comment! :) Congrats on 9 years. I think I will hit 8 in May. Maybe I’ll run a contest and give the winner a copy of all of my patterns. :) Also, the TARDIS has disgorged today and is currently contemplating how to fit the mitten base in as well.
    Kelli’s last post …When I’m Working

  17. melanie says:

    Congratulations! Your bags and blog have given me so much pleasure of the years – many more to come, I hope!

  18. Ruth says:

    Happy nine years of blogging ebil temptress! I’ll celebrate by knitting put of one of your bags :) Also your Brickless is gorgeous, I love that blue.

  19. Cdnbull says:

    That shawl is just lovely? I love swapping yarns, making a pattern my own. Thanks for the generosity of spirit

  20. Christina says:

    Congratulations! Your brick less is gorgeous and has inspired me to get a few thins off the needles so I can cast mine on:). I love your bags, they are some of my favorite that I own!

  21. Diane S. says:

    Happy Blogiversary! Wow, 9 years and look where your life is now, awesome. Your shawl came out beautiful, I just love that blue!!! Hope to hear from you sometime, so glad I got to see you last fall, feels like forever ago.

  22. Happy blogiversary! I am at 8 1/2 years now and I enjoy looking back and seeing my girls when they were little, how our lives were then and tracking the changes. I really, really want to make Brickless! I have some green yarn that would be perfect.

  23. Shelly says:

    What a beautiful shawl and gorgeous shade of blue – my fave! I just received my knitting bag today and LOVE it! It won’t be my last. Congrats!

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