Wow. Twelve years of blogging (or, of owning, since I’ve lapsed the past few years). I’m so grateful for all of the friends I have made through blogging, knitting, spinning and sewing. Thank you all for sticking with me for so long! (I’m also super happy to have a record of my daughter’s awkward teen years to hold over her head…it’s how I show my love ;op )

So let’s celebrate! I like to celebrate blog anniversaries and birthdays like the Hobbits do – don’t give me a gift, I give the gifts!

Comment on this post and you’ll earn a chance to win a bag (or $26 off a larger bag) from my shop! If you tweet/Instagram/facebook/blog and let your friends know, and they mention you in their comment here, you get another chance to win! (and who knows, I might go all crazy and give a prize to the person with the most name mention entries just because ;) ) Let’s use the hashtag #JessaLu12Years to keep things organized – if you have a private IG/twitter/fb account and I don’t follow you, keep in mind I won’t be able to see your posts, so come back here to let me know you’ve posted!

Also, I’ll be adding prizes when we hit comment milestones – the first one is 50 – once we get to 50 comments, I’ll add a Gale’s Art sock blank to the prize pile!

Also, let’s keep the twitter stuff to a dull roar, ok? spread them out and 3x/day minimum – this contest will be open until Monday night to give everyone at Stitches and Spa a chance to enter when they get back to checking online ;)

Good luck!

ETA: Contest is now closed! Thanks for  playing! I’ll be drawing a winner and posting it later this week!

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36 thoughts on “Twelve

  1. Thank you Jess! For the give away, for the fun and laughter, got yeh awesome bags, and the even awesomer way you run your business. Here’s to another 12 years!

  2. Twelve years? TWELVE??? Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long! And now I’m feeling old… ;-)

    So happy that I met you through your blog! :-)


  3. Jennifer says:

    Saving up and planning on buying my first bag at the Clermont sheep and wool in april…..where I first saw your bags ages ago. I am so excited!

  4. Katherine K says:

    Happy blog-aversary! I have two of your lovely project bags and they are such beautiful homes for my knitting (although my knitting isn’t always worthy… *thinks of the subpar shawl she frogged this morning*). Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. SarahR says:

    Congratulations on 12 years of blogging! Love your bags, the ones I own and the ones I drool over in your shop!

  6. Sarah says:

    Congrats on 12 years! I’ve got the first bag I bought next to me at work, holding the work project and my Hitchhiker’s bag has my travelling project too. (Plus the other mumbledymumble bags that aren’t currently in use….)

  7. ,gale says:

    This is just what I need a beautiful new knitting bag to start mey spring knitting. I also love Gale’s knitting shop.

  8. Hi Jess! Congrats on 12 years. Especially the daughter teen years documentation. That is gold. I rarely get around to lots of promotion and cross posting so I’ll just have to count on this one comment.

  9. You are a rockstar amongst my bags :) i got my first at the first Sock Summit. and then soon found how much i desired your geeky bags! happy blogiversary, dearie :)

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