My friend Sarah @chickenbetty_ has a new book out!! She gifted me a copy this weekend and I have to say that it’s a pretty awesome book that helps you design your own crochet projects! Swipe to see my favorite page (and why I may be a little biased – that’s a TWSS SbJL chicken bag on the Notchview Slipper page!! ❤️) You can purchase a copy of your very own on amazon right now! ❤️ and enter to win one (click through to her profile and she has a bunch of giveaway links!) #doyoujessalu #youcanbetchickenbettydoes #liftupyourfriends #noIstilldontcrochet #stitchedbyjessalu #handmade #projectbags for your #knitting and #crochet

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