Did I Tell You…

…I had friends visit last week!  Sairy, HolyKnitBalls (um holycrap Sharon, update your blog already! ;op ) and Zarzuela spent a few days at my house – and we spent some time doing this:

At the lake

We also spent time spinning on my porch, spinning while watching Bollywood movies, laughing at (with? heh) Sangria Sairy (who does NOT like Bollywood hippies) and running around through a surprise rainstorm. It was pretty awesome.  Well, excepting the rainstorm.  ;o)



…you have to say goodbye.

Happy Dawg

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know but I wanted to share with the blog since she has been a big part of it all.

We had to say goodbye to our Beanie on Thursday, her body had just stopped working. We had over 14 years with her but we will still miss her very, very much. :’o(