I’ve Learned…

…cross a MinPin and a Muskrat?


Three stitches.

The MinPin is resting comfortably after her surgery – we are all hoping the muskrat is slowly bleeding to death in a ditch somewhere. God help it if it shows its face here again.

…I learned:

  • Spending a large amount of $$ online purchasing spinning fiber right before going to an event really helps curb my spending.
  • So does not stopping at an ATM on the way there.
  • I may need to get over my fear of the Rip Van Winkle bridge since there are now at least two places in Catskill I’d like to visit. Yes they both sell yarn…what of it? ;o)
  • I do not possess the ability to read and absorb even the simplest of knitting patterns while listening to a book at the same time.

This weekend was the Chancellor’s Sheep & Wool Showcase which is held at Clermont in Germantown, NY. This is the earliest fiber event in my area (if there are others that I am not aware of, please do not be afraid to enlighten me) and probably the smallest. I went for the first time last year, I was not yet spinning at the time but I was thinking about it. Last year it was nice and warm – this year was cold and somewhat damp but I kept warm by wearing layers – and my new FBS. Let me just say (in case I haven’t already said it) that merino/tencel is SO soft and definitely ‘against the neck’ wearable.
clermont_shearing.jpgThe first thing I did when I got there was…well, visit the facilities and maybe I possibly cut the line by going into the men’s room out of sheer desperation (oh whatever, it’s the same thing, just a different sign on the door and there wasn’t a man in sight (I also got permission from the other women in line before me – I mean, if I had gone into the men’s room I would have gotten permission first *ahem* what?!?! I was in the car for an hour and a half, people. No judging!) The very next thing I did was watch some shearing. This ewe (lamb?) is 10 months old so this is her first shearing (when does a lamb become an ewe? After a year?). It is endlessly amazing to me how they just sit there like a lump all relaxed while they’re getting bent into a pretzel and clipped.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been going a little crazy over the past week buying spinning stuff online so while at the show I didn’t buy a whole lot, just one skein of sock yarn from Phoenix Fiberworks and a blocking kit – for HALF the price of the one on KnitPicks! w00t!Bittersweet

The colorway of the sock yarn is called Bittersweet but I grabbed it because it screamed Gryffindor to me. I’ve been looking online for a week with no luck for the right colors since the new Horcrux sock pattern was posted on the Six Sox Knitalong. Tina had some other great colorways and beautiful dyed roving but, as previously mentioned, I didn’t stop at an ATM on the way so not a lot of cash on hand. I hate having to be selective when it comes to buying at a show – however, I’m not too disappointed because she has an Etsy store ;o) (Also, some of you were interested in seeing me wearing my FBS, she took a photo of me and put it in her latest post – she even macro’d me, hehehehe)

Right now my new yarn is sitting on the coffee table waiting patiently since, even though I cannot post pictures to prove it, I am working on two top-secret knitting projects. One of which is seriously pushing my patience envelope since I have had to rip and re-knit one section of it THREE. TIMES. This is unheard of for me. Not that I’m perfect or anything – I’m just really good at covering screw-ups so I don’t have to rip. ;o) However, it is impossible to hide the fact that you have picked up stitches and started knitting the complete absolute WRONG WAY. I’m really working up a healthy case of hate for this thing so I might set it aside since I don’t want any bad vibes to be knit into a gift…you know? Also, I think I ripped once without needing to actually rip so…imagine the frustration. I actually threw it across the room last night – RR didn’t say a word. Just kept typing on his laptop after a quick glance up…smart man, eh? ;o)

Since I have no actual knitting pictures to show you…I shall distract you with more photos from Clermont:







The next fiber show is Connecticut on the 28th – who all is going? Will we be doing another picnic get-together this year (if it ever stops snowing, that is)? I promise to bring food and not mooch off Carole, Sharon and Heather this year ;o) Oh and how exciting is this? RR HAS THE DAY OFF!!! This is unheard of. He works Saturdays but his employer is trying this novel idea – rotating their employees so each one gets a Saturday off every three weeks. So, since his next Saturday falls on the 28th he has been pressed into service as my Sherpa for the day. Okay so I may have to kidnap him…this will be his first fiber fest so…let’s go easy on him, okay? (Also, we will not speak of my spending habits, mmmkay? I do not want to trigger the ‘This is why we are not *insert M word here*’ lecture *cough*) ;o)

…several things:

  • I hate Ajax coding with the fire of a thousand suns.
  • Sometimes you just have to rip.
  • Tax Season…it’s not for the weak-hearted.  Wait.  I already knew that.
  • Our semi-local W*lm*rt should not be visited after dark. 
  • No matter how much you wish it so, sometimes your STR club package just isn’t going to show up in this millenium (or at least it feels that way after you’ve heard that people in New freaking Zealand are getting their packages and you haven’t gotten yours yet).
  • Same goes for the shipment of a new toy.

Okay so I’ve been attempting to install this really cool comment expanding plugin thingy since Friday.  I have done everything the directions call for and then some.  I have tried every configuration possible.  It does not work.

What. The. Hell.

I think I might have to just accept the fact that you all are going to have to suffer with the frustration of a reloading page when you submit comments, I just can’t get this to work.  Stupid thing.  Oh who am I kidding, I’ll keep working on the damned thing ’til I either get it to work or throw the ‘puter into the street.

03-08-07-008.JPGNow on to the fun portion of my weekend.  Friday night I was working on my leaf lace socks when I decided to try them on…did I mention that I was halfway through the foot – and these are top-down socks?  Yeah.  Well…didn’t fit.  It took me five solid minutes to get them on and RR’s help to get them off – which took even longer because he just wouldn’t stop laughing at me.  Nice.  It then took me all of 3o seconds to decide that I just couldn’t go on – especially since you just couldn’t see the pattern because of the yarn, it was way too busy (I 03-08-07-009.JPGthink I was influenced by Karen’s recent decision to rip her socks).   So five minutes after that I had a nice pile of spaghetti – which can’t be knit into anything.  After a nice long soak in some hot water with lavender Eucalan it calmed back down and got pretty again.  Back into the stash it goes since I have no idea what it wants to be right now – I have to find a pattern that won’t be overpowered by the color changes.

03-11-07-020.JPGAfter all the ripping excitement, Roger and set out on our hot date of the week – going grocery shopping at the Super W*lm*art in East Greenbush (which is actually pretty close-ish and very easy to get to from our house for those who know where we live…).   After stopping for dinner, we ended up arriving at the WM around 8pm – and everything was fine ’til around 9ish when it got…scary.   Keep-your-hand-on-your-pocketbook-at-all-times scary.  The best part?  While checking out I said to the cashier, “How are you?”  to which she replied, “FINE.”  oooookay then.  Moving on…

Now as for my STR club package…I’ve been keeping mum but…I’m starting to get not happy about it.  There are people who are done with their socks.  DONE.  There are people on the complete utter opposite side of the world who have their socks.  Do I have my socks?  That would be a no.  I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a sign that I should have not been in the club this time around – which was the plan until RR forced me to sign up.  That’s it.  I blame him.

Regarding my new er….acquisition – it was supposed to be shipped on Saturday.  Since there is still a big chunk of change in my Paypal account I’m going to continue under the assumption that it did not get sent so I won’t even have that to keep me occupied while waiting for my STR…ohwait, maybe if I worked on the big *ss pile of expense reports that I (finally) received last week from my client so his taxes can get done on time I might not think about the sock yarn or the new toy. 

Yeah. right. 

Welcome to Monday – personally, I’m really glad (and a little surprised) I made it ;o)

This weekend, RR learned…

…there are co-workers you can trust to mix you a drink at the office Christmas party, and there are those you can’t.

…and when those who cannot be trusted are doing the drink mixing…odds are good you are going to be broken…and soon.

…add woo-woo and kamikaze shots to those drinks and…well, you can just imagine…

…to not argue when I say, “I want to drive home, k?” ;o)

Add to that what I learned…

…two beers and three shots before dinner leads to an inability to fully appreciate the butternut squash risotto first course (in my defense, dinner was served at 9:30 and the party started at 7. I wasn’t allowed to bring my knitting so what else was I to do to amuse myself? I turned to alcohol. I’m not proud.)

…having a tendency to drink a lot and throw things at your dining partners leads you to be seated at the ‘kids table’ at the office party. This is not a complaint. Everyone was jealous. Of us. ;o)

…recognizing your…inebriation and slowing your alcohol intake only proves one thing. I’m old. (I still kept throwing stuff though, hehehe)

And finally, something that we both learned a long, long time ago:

…McDonald’s may be gross and disgusting and really, really bad for you – but when you have a hangover, ain’t nothin’ like a cheeseburger, large fries and a diet coke to set all that is wrong back to rightness. Just for the record? RR was in WAY worse shape. No matter what he says.

I’m also very proud to say that I’m still ‘vomit free since ’03’ ;hehehehehehe

OH and for those Tick fans out there – you are NOT going to believe what I stumbled across…“Java Devil, you are now my bitch.” *grin* You can thank me later ;o)

…can really be a pain in the ass.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a rendition of ‘What I learned this Weekend’ so I think it’s about time.

This weekend, I learned…

  • … it takes 4 hours to code a 90 minute movie down to an acceptable size for a Zen Vision.
  • … it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING to finish coding said movie and find out that you forgot to check the sound settings and you have a great looking 2.5 inch tall movie with crappy 64kps sound instead of the CD-quality 196kps you REALLY wanted.
  • …still pissed about that…give me a sec…okay I’m good (for now).
  • … TiVo files are HUGE! I was playing with stuff to recode and put on my Zen when this little bubble popped up on the ‘puter that said, “you are running out of room on your hard drive, idiot. You need to delete something or your laptop is going to explode” (or something to that effect). I took a look in my doc file and lo and behold – my TiVo folder had 22gb of stuff in it. TWENTY-TWO GIG. That’s half my hard drive fer chrissakes. And that was only five episodes of Desperate Housewives and like six episodes of some show RR watches – some reality show about John Force (the guy races stuff and apparently has teenage daughters). Needless to say the TiVo folder no longer exists.
  • … deleting six episodes of the John Force reality show ‘Driving Force’ from existence leaves a gaping hole that cannot be filled in my otherwise fulfilling life. NOT.
  • … for some reason, installing Windows Media Player 11 makes BOTH CD/DVD drives disappear. Like they never existed.
  • … rolling back your Windows to before WMP 11 makes the movie(with crappy sound) you just spent FOUR HOURS coding disappear.
  • yeah, still pissed about THAT, too.

Hopefully tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be able to get it all straightened out, but I ended up just walking away from the damned ‘puter and all it’s issues before I ended up throwing something at it. Or throwing it out in the street. Either choice would have been satisfying, but expensive ;o)

And, speaking of expensive, here is a short conversation between RR and myself on our way home from our Sunday Xmess shopping trip (shopping for each other – and since I’m 90% unemployed he is footing the bill for Christmas this year):

Me: I have no idea what else to get you…

RR: You know, you could get me the first season of My Name is Earl

Me: Okay but…you’ve spent alot on yourself already…


ETA: I need to apologize to all the blogs I read that are on Typepad. I’ve been trying to comment on your blogs since earlier today and for some reason Typepad thinks I’m a spammer and has me completely blocked. No captcha, no nothing but a hate message. I’ve emailed them and hopefully this’ll get fixed one way or another soon…

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