FO: Hat for Winky!

So it begins…aren’t grandmas supposed to churn out the handknits for their grandchildren? ;o)

It only took me two days – there’s something to be said for knitting for small children!  Back view:

Hat! (and Daedo needs a shave!)

(Daedo seriously needs to shave more often! ;o) )

Front view:

Hat for Winky


Project: Child’s Hat with PomPom from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders

Yarn:  Dancing Leaf Farm Bee Bop – no colorway on label. Purchased at Rhinebeck 2011

Needle:  US 7

Time to Knit: TWO DAYS! So awesome.


It’s a Beret!

My one-day beret turned into a two-week beret but I don’t mind since I’m so happy with it!  I finished it up this morning then cornered Dobby and made her take a few pictures:

mmm...slouchy.  ;o)

It's a Beret!

I wore it to knitting group tonight and my ears were warm!  It was awesome!  I took it off and my hair wasn’t flat and frizzy!  It was a curly-girl miracle!  ;o)

Details (Raveled):

Pattern:  One-Day Beret from Through the Loops!

Yarn:  Persimmon Tree Farm Pot Luck Yarn purchased at Rhinebeck ’07

Needles:  Knitpicks Size 5 for body of hat, 4 for ribbing – magic loop technique used throughout since I hate dpn’s passionately  ;o)

Up next?

Not so matchy-matchy...



…the baby beret and Carole’s recent FO inspired me to make a beret of my own.  I’m using a skein of Persimmon Tree Farm yarn that I purchased at Rhinebeck ’07:

Dunno but it's mostly mohair...and pretty...


One-Day Beret...

(Raveled here and iPhone included for scale) The pattern is the One Day Beret from Through the Loops.  Unfortunately, something tells me that for me, this isn’t going to be a ‘one-day’ beret.  Maybe the fact that I cast on for the first time at knitting last week?  and that last night was the second cast on?  Here’s to hoping that two is the charm in this case!

This skein of yarn has come full circle since I remember when I bought it, Carole asked me what I was going to knit with it.  How funny that she is the one who has inspired me to knit this pattern and this yarn is the one that was calling for attention.  ;o)