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New wheel...


Emma is a blonde Sagittarius (birthday 12/03/07), enjoys watching Austen flicks, quiet moments of bonding and merino on her bobbins.

Emma’s name is a feminine twist on the name Emerson.  I wanted to go with a name that went ‘with’ Amelia and since Amelia Peabody and Walter Emerson are two of my favorite literary characters, Emerson felt like the way to go.  Except, my wheel didn’t feel very masculine.  So, RR suggested Emma and, since that is one of my favorite Austen characters, the name stuck.

As for how Emma came to be a part of the ‘Lu household, I knew for a while that I wanted a ‘Cinderella’ style wheel and it made sense to go with another Kromski so the bobbins would be interchangeable.  I settled on a Symphony, and a few weeks ago RR and I made a trip to The Spinning Room to give one a try.  I fell in love on the spot and placed an order.  Emma arrived within a week (I KNOW!) and then spent two forlorn days sitting in the kitchen until I could dedicate the time to put her together and spend some quality time with her. (*sigh* I know.  tax season…blah blah blah, you guys know the drill)

My first time spinning with her did not disappoint, I started with double drive (which I had not been able to get to work for me on other wheels) and everything just…flowed.  Beauty in motion.

I love my Emma, the bits of time I’ve been able to steal to spend with her have been wonderful so far and I look forward to many, many more.

Amelia and Emma seem to be getting along although it’s hard to tell since Amelia hasn’t really seen Emma just yet. Since Emma is my ‘at home’ wheel, Amelia has been on a vacation in her suitcase for the past few weeks.  I’ll introduce them soon, maybe after the honeymoon is over.  ;o)

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