Here it is…the OSW made of Noro Silk Garden on size 9 needles from my Denise set.  Yes, that is me wearing it (happy now, Abi?  sheesh)


Never leave a man…

…alone with your OSW and a camera…

So I show Rog what I had been working on and since I have never, ever worn anything like this in his presence and because he is a *cough* man *cough* he had no idea what the heck it was for.  So…he played a little guessing game…

First, he thought it some strange new headgear…

Then, he decided it was a hand warmer….

And then….in a flash of absolute brilliance he realized….It’s meant to hold your BEER!!!  Yay!!

Tahdaaahhh!  All he needs now is some surgical tubing and duct tape and he’ll have himself one of those fancy beer-drinkin’ hats!

So, whilst Roger was playing fast and loose with my knitting, the dog was taking over the laundry:

ain’t she cute?  Swear to God I only turned my back for like five minutes while I checked my email – apparently the dog likes her clothes fresh from the dryer ;o)


And now…back to our regularly scheduled program…

I’m going to do this in bits and pieces so there isn’t a five page post that everyone has to wade through…

First, I finished the Dale Svale tank:

and although it looks like it suffered from being worn on someone with sweaty armpits it did not – that is my attempt at ‘speed-blocking’.

And a view of the ‘fancy parts’:

there are photos of me wearing this however, they aren’t exactly in a ‘flattering’ light so sorry Abi, not happening with this item :o/

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