Olympic Knitting – Day 6

I seem to be gliding along and doing well through the ‘long program’ portion – it now measures 12″ which means I have 2 more inches to go and then it’s time to start making arm holes ;o) Yay!!

There really isn’t much else going on in my life right now. Other than my car being broken again – AGAIN! I go to pick it up from the dealership (where it was getting the power steering fixed) and IT. WON’T. START. At this point Roger’s pissed and dealing with it. They don’t know what they’ve gone and done…it’s like waking a sleeping giant. He doesn’t get mad often but when he does…look out!

Oh yes and today is the anniversary of my knitting group having more than one member ;o) Happy Anniversary, Abi! I’m so glad that I worked up the nerve to start going to the meetings last year, helping you organize this group is one of the best things that I’ve ever been involved in and has helped me grow as a person. Thank you :o)

Olympics Progress – Day 2

Here we are at bedtime on day 2:

Made better progress today. Click for photo with ruler

I think once I get to the solid grey part it’ll fly since I’ll be able to watch TV while knitting and not just stare at my knitting ;o) I’m liking the pattern so far and, did I mention that I got gauge? *grin*


Not only did I manage to get out of work at 1:30 so I could be home and casting on at 2:14pm, I also managed to GET GAUGE!! w00t!

Here is my progress so far – please keep in mind I had to deliver Dobby to useless her father and it’s color work which I’m slow as hell at:

Rumor has it that we’re getting snow this weekend – I have two sleds sitting in my driveway that are raring to go so cross your fingers ;o)

D’you think I’ll be able to knit during breaks between hurtling down the trails? ;o)

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