It’s official…

…I officially can’t shut up! ;o)

I normally don’t post on Saturdays, but this is too important to wait until the end of the weekend. You see, there’s a fiberista who needs a bit of a boost from her fellow knitters and spinners.

Some of you who have been at this blogging thing for a while will remember PippiKneeSocks – she lives in Vermont and dyes lovely, gorgeous, heart-stopping yarn and roving. Or, at least she did up until a while ago. You see, life hasn’t been very kind to her and her family lately which didn’t help the ‘creative’ side of her – it’s hard to be creative when you’re worried about anything and everything, you know? So, because of this, she stopped posting, stopped dyeing, stopped spinning, stopped knitting. Recently, Amy of Spunky Eclectic posted that Pippi needed help and, even though she was putting her life on the line by putting it out there, she was asking people to help.

I put three skeins of handspun in the mail immediately. I seriously have never mailed anything so fast before in my life – you see, I don’t know Pippi very well but she did consider hiring me as her bookkeeper before everything went all crazy so I have spoken to her once or twice. She is one of the nicest people on the planet and it’s seriously not cool what the planet has been doing to her lately. SO, if you had a hankering to own this skein:

Spunky Club - Tulips

or this one:

Merino/Tencel from The Sheep Shed - "New England"

or even this one:

Spunky Club - Strawberry Fields

Or a skein of yarn from spinners way more talented than I, keep an eye on this page, Amy’s auctioning off stuff left and right AND Scout has a raffle going, for every $5 you donate, your name goes into a hat to win some gorgeous yarn or one of two $50 gift cards to her shop (and possibly some other stuff).

I’m happy to say that I’ve heard Pippi recently picked up the needles again. You see? Knitting Karma is a powerful thing. So is friendship – kudos to Amy for stepping up to the plate. Sometimes you have to do what needs to be done for a friend even if they don’t like it. ;o)

Funny Story…

…I don’t talk much about what I ‘do’ on this here blog, except for this time of year. (for those new to the blog, ‘this time of year’ means the dreaded Tax Season aka Hell on Earth aka Open Season on Jess’ Feelings of Self Worth (since there’s nothing like sending a years’ worth of work to a CPA and have him/her completely rip it apart and make you feel like a moron for doing your best – no. really. there’s nothing like it).

But anyway…

Just to add a bit of spice and excitement to this most wonderful time of year, one of my clients is also having me handle a distribution to their partners. This involves me sending certificates to a transfer agent and them sending it back to me (that is *really* simplified). Unfortunately, transfer agents don’t really like to…transfer. Especially if they’re going from having one customer to, say, forty. Something like that tends to add to your workload and they seem to frown on that (at least, the ones I’ve dealt with felt that way, I’m sure there’s one out there somewhere who will stumble upon this little post someday and become extremely upset with me for maligning all transfer agents which will lead to untold attacks on me and my inability to not be stereotypical and frankly, if that happens during Tax Season I just don’t think I’ll be able to hold up under the strain. Where was I…? Ohyeah) which leads to them being all snarky when I talk to them about removing a restriction. Downright bitchy, even. In fact, during this one transfer alone, I’ve been laughed at. Twice.

Which kind of pisses me off. But that’s not the point of my story.

My point (yes, there is one here somewhere) is that knitters rock. Today, while attempting to explain to a somewhat snarky receptionist that no, they cannot send me a package via Fedex (the driver refuses to find my house), UPS (I cannot prepay for a package – that I know of – nor do I have a UPS account, nor do I care to) or DHL (our driver finds it a source of endless amusement to just pitch the packages out his crappy van window as he drives by, laughing his evil little laugh all the while – okay I’m not sure about the laughing part but so far the three packages they’ve ‘dropped off’ have landed in the neighbors yard, my driveway and on top of my happy little Xmess tree out front makes it somewhat obvious that he isn’t exactly going the extra mile) and that Express Mail is the way to go, the fact that I am a knitter happened to come up in the conversation. I pointed out that I order a lot of yarn online and the only person who can get that yarn to me in a timely manner is my mail person.

When I mentioned yarn, something miraculous happened. The somewhat snarky receptionist UNDERSTOOD my pain. Apparently she has also experienced incomplete yarn delivery, now feels that she has found a fibery kindred flame in the cold world of stock transfers and the most wonderful thing happened. The heavens opened. Angels sang. She was no longer laughing AT me but laughing WITH me. Most importantly…

…it was okay to send the certificate Express Mail. I should get it tomorrow. Crisis averted.

Knitters rock.

As for knitting itself…lately that hasn’t rocked so much. However, that’s for another post. ;o)

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