I have been having a helluva month.  Business meetings with people who scream at me, clients calling me every five minutes (okay not really but it feels like it), I feel like it’s tax season already.  Somebody, please, pass me the vodka.  ;o)

I did manage to score a skein of yarn to finish my sweater – my friend Becky is a goddess and completely understood the importance of this skein of yarn.  How do I know this?  Her voicemail message to me, once she located the yarn, went a little bit like this, “hey girl – I got yer craaaack…”  ;o)  I drove all the way to Red Hook (like an hour from my house – one way) to pick it up from her and the irony was not lost on me when I passed the cash to her from my car while in a parking lot.  ;o))  Could you imagine the conversation that would have ensued if we had been seen by someone in law enforcement?  “Officer, I swear, It’s just YARN.”  hehe

So now I’m like two inches away from finishing it (I’ve re-knit the sleeves THREE. TIMES.  because they were too short) and I don’t have time to work on it.  (see first paragraph…my life is crazy these days)

Anywho, for your amusement (and mine), I decided to post the Christmas questionnaire that’s been going around – I got mine from Carole – feel free to post it yourself and let me know so I can see your answers!

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? It depends…did I finish my shopping in November or on December 24th?
2. Real tree or Artificial? Real.  I grew up with fake (fake because my mother did not like taking the tree down – she’s been known to hang Easter eggs on her tree to fit the current season and, one memorable year, American Flags. ) but I love real.  I love the smell, candles just don’t do it, and I love the way they look and the feel that it gives a room.  We have a fake one but it stays in the attic – it’s my back up tree.  ;o)
3. When do you put up the tree? Usually about two weeks before Christmas – this year, ours came in last night.
4. When do you take the tree down? Right after New Years.
5. Do you like eggnog? I have two words.  Icky. Poo.
6. Favorite gift received as a child? One that stands out is the stereo my ‘rents gave me when I was like 10.  It had two cassette decks so I could make mixed tapes (remember those?) and a turn table and a radio…so I could make mixed tapes.  ;o)  I must have driven them nuts with that stereo…
7. Hardest person to buy for? My Dad.  He gets either a Sears gift card or a B&N gift card cuz I just have no idea…some years I get him a tie that he never wears (he’s a funeral director…he won’t wear anything that’s too ‘racy’ which, apparently, includes anything that is not black or grey.  *sigh*  One year I got him a Disney tie in shades of black and grey just to make a point…)
8. Easiest person to buy for? RR – he tells me what to buy like a month before Christmas and then promptly forgets.  It’s awesome.
9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes, some family friends bought me one when I was a child.  It’s from Mexico.
10. Mail or email Christmas cards? ohcrap I need to do my cards…
11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? My crackhead ex (NOT Mr. Potato Head, the other one) gave me some pretty stupid crap…who the hell gives their GF socks for Xmess?!  Seriously. ETA:  Lucia’s comment reminded me of the worst gift he ever gave me – a step workout machine.  I wore a size six at the time of the gift and was borderline anorexic.  I am so. happy. I dumped that guy.
12. Favorite Christmas Movie? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – “Is your house on fire, Clark?”  hee!
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? All year long – especially if we’re on vacation.  We like to shop and it’s better if we shop for others since we’ve run out of house for our crap.  ;o)
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yeah right like I’m going to cop to it here?  I have family that read this!  (but seriously, the answer would be no.)
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Uhm…do I have to pick a favorite?  (there’s a reason I’ve been on WW for a year, ya know)
16. Lights on the tree? Abso-flippin-lutely!  Just no flashing…
17. Favorite Christmas song? It’s a Marshmallow World is one that will get me singing and Baby It’s Cold Outside is my ringtone starting the day after Thanksgiving.
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Home…we host Christmas for the family.
19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? Yep – been able to do that since I was five.  ;o)
20. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? One on Xmess Eve and the rest in the morning…the one always ends up being pajamas for some reason.  ;o)
21. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? Christmas commercials! Every kiss beings with Kay . . . need I say more?  (I left Carole’s answer here because I couldn’t agree more)
22. Favorite ornament theme or color? I have a ‘blue and silver’ set of stuff and a ‘red and green’ set – I think this year might be red and green…
23. What do you want for Christmas this year? I already got it – my iPhone.  There’ll be a bow on it come Xmess morn.
24. Angel on the tree top or a star? Since it’s a red and green year, it’ll be a bow.  The angel doesn’t match.
25. Favorite Christmas dinner?That I can afford?  Ham.  I’ll be dreaming of beef, though, and Yorkshire pudding.  ;o)

OH! and P.S.

New Bags...

…unfortunately, as my grandpa used to say, only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.  *sigh*

Close ...

It’s not my fault though.  Between cooking for 10 people for Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving!) and then Friday contracting a raging case of some kind of horrible 24 hour bug that lasted until Sunday I wasn’t able to knit that much.  I knit like hell on Sunday though until I came up against another wall.

Wait, let me show you:

All that's left

10 grams does not equal four inches of sweater sleeve.  Even in my slice of non-reality.  *sigh*

At least if it turn it like this:

Looks like it's done...right?

…it *looks* like it’s done.  ;o)

P.S.  Exciting news!  I have sock monkey fabric!!  Watch the shop, I’ll have some posted soon…

I’m pretty close…maybe even close enough to sneak in a victory…

NaKniSweMo Progress 11-25-08

If it weren’t for Thursday being what it is…*sigh*

…and work within them.  At least, when it comes to knitting and possible sweater-related injuries.  ;o)

As mentioned in my previous post, St. Patrick is in time out due to excess cabling.  I did some major stash digging and managed to turn up a bunch of Wild Apple Hill in Peacock and a couple of balls of Noro.  I had an idea that I wanted something along the lines of Cobblestone but I didn’t have enough plain yarn to do it so I decided to do a top-down raglan with a garter stitch yoke.  I threw in the Noro on every other row and this is what I have so far (I cast on Monday afternoon):

NaKniSweMo - Part 2

[Raveled here] Trust me, it’s prettier in person.  In fact, I’m smitten with this sweater and can’t wait to finish it.  ;o)  The collar appears to have decided it wants to be a stand-up collar and if I can’t manage to wrangle it into submission, I’ll be doing a short steek and making it a v-neck (how’s that for showing your knitting who’s boss?)

In geek/website news, I’m having an issue with my hosting provider.  The server on which resides has been having problems for over a week now.  This means I’m not receiving some comment notifications and every once in a while they throw in a 503 error just to make things interesting.  I am communicating with them (okay maybe there was a bit of yelling via email *ahem*) and trying to get my site moved to a server that is more reliable – in the meantime, I apologize for any errors you receive and please keep trying if you get one when you’re leaving a comment (because, as I’m sure you all have guessed, I’m a comment wh*re.  ;op ).  Thanks!

…this past weekend but what I did make on the CSM is still pretty cool:

CSM Fingerless Mitts

Fingerless mitts.  How cool is that?!  Last week I found the pattern here (you have to email and ask for it) and finally had time to sit and play on Saturday.  FOUR. HOURS. (and one severe temper tantrum) later, I had these.  They’re warm and squishy an have 10% cashmere and I love them.

Yarn:  Hand Maiden Casbah (holy heart attack batman, I thought for sure that my machine would eat it just because it has cashmere in it); Colorway ‘Seastorm’

Gauge:  uhm…the middle line on the machine using the 54 needle cylinder.  I finished the thumb by transferring the stitches to a size 1 needle, knitting four rows of 1×1 rib, cast off and stitched the thumb together with the tail.  I also transferred the top stitches to a size 1 needle and cast off that way.  I could have cast off with the waste still attached with no transfer but I didn’t want to have to learn something else new, my brain couldn’t handle it at that point.  ;op

In other NaKniSweMo news…St. Patrick did some major damage to my hands last night so he’s on time out.  I think I have to try to do something a little less cable-y for this month’s challenge so I’m doing some quick thinking and stash diving.  I still have 20 days so I’m not worried, the sweater I’m going to make is knit on 8s which is bigger gauge than my Olympic Sweater that I finished in 16 days AND that one had a hood.

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