Happiness is…

Happiness is…

  • Getting screamed at when you tell someone you’ll ‘think about it’ (instead of no).
  • Hearing ‘what-EVER‘ about 136 times a day.
  • Being expected to be a taxi, no matter what.
  • Orthodontist appointments.
  • Saying ‘don’t make me regret letting you do this’ about a dozen times.
  • A dishwasher loaded with clean dishes – for two days (because being online is waaay more important)  Did I mention I have one of those old wheel-it-to-the sink models that sit in the middle of the kitchen?  TWO days, people.  TWO.
  • Being unable to use your own toilet because the bathroom is occupied 23.9 hours a day.

….in case you haven’t guessed already…my daughter is back from a summer at my sister’s in PA.  I was happy for about five minutes and then she spoke…

Just kidding, I’m pretty sure I’m happy she’s back.  ;o)

My Daughter, The Genius

My daughter was in not one but THREE Memorial Day parades on Monday and she managed to not fall on her face.  NOT ONCE!!  We are not a graceful people and this is a major accomplishment.  Not sure if I have mentioned this but Heather plays the flute – to be specific, Heather plays the flute that I played from fifth through twelfth grade and does it pretty darned well if you ask most people that aren’t related to her (you can’t ask relations, we’re biased).  She is in the concert, jazz and marching bands at her high school and the teacher actually likes her!  (This is also a major accomplishment because our sense of humor generally is not much appreciated in a classroom setting – my band teacher once threw a music stand at me, not a pretty picture).  Here is a photo of the marching band in my hometown’s parade (yes I grew up in this sleepy little hamlet):

Yup, I managed to get a photo of the entire band – they’re pretty well spaced and walking in a straight line, too!

We have the obligatory photo of the band leader:

Now here is a photo of Elaina (blue arrow), Erin (green arrow) and Heather’s foot (pink arrow):

At this point I’m thinkin’ that I’m smokin’ and I am going to get the best picture of all.  The one with my daughter’s smiling face as she marches in time with the rest of the band.  I had most of the things I needed for this shot: Camera, marching band, parade, DAUGHTER SMILING AT ME but did I get the photo?  That would have to be a NO.  Apparently I need to purchase a new camera that thinks faster:

Yes, that is my daughter’s butt.  This sucks.

Explain Me This…

How is it that teenagers seem to think it is their God-given right to have a cell phone, unlimited internet access, the ability to chat unimpeded to whomever she wishes online AND unlimited telephone usage…all at no cost to them?!  Please, please tell me why it is that my daughter seems to think that when I give her a rule to follow – even when I am looking her straight in the eye and there is no one else in the room – she seems to think that rule does not apply to her?  Does she think I’m telling the dog to not check her email before putting away the dishes?!  We don’t ask alot of my daughter.  I mean yeah, we refer to her as ‘Dobby‘ once in a while (okay at least once a day) but we don’t ask her to clean the house top to bottom, do our laundry and cook for us!  We ask her to do the dishes – and by doing the dishes meaning to LOOK AROUND THE GODDAMNED KITCHEN AND SEE IF THERE ARE ANY DIRTY POTS ON THE FREAKING STOVE – bring the mail in from the mailbox THAT SHE HAS TO WALK PAST AFTER GETTING OFF THE BUS and bring in the trash cans after they are emptied on Tuesdays THAT SHE HAS TO WALK PAST AFTER GETTING OFF THE BUS.  In return for this she is allowed the above listed priviledges (internet, AIM, etc).  She has been asked to NOT check her email prior to finishing the dishes yet she seems to think it is okay to dial-up and check her email before STARTING the dishes.  WTF?! WHAT PART OF DO NOT CHECK YOUR EMAIL BEFORE DOING THE DISHES IS SO HARD TO COMPREHEND?!?! I wonder if my eye twitch will go away once she leaves for college…

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