TDF 2009 Update – 7/10/09 (and some eye candy…)

…because you know, all this yarn isn’t eye candy enough, I have to throw a garden picture at you guys too.  ;o)

So, so far I’ve plied up the Aspen (2-ply fingering weight 120 yards):

TDF 2009 Spinning for 7/9/2009

and am halfway through Pie for Everyone:

TDF 2009 Spinning for 7/9/09

and have broccoli:

ECF - Broccoli

…gotta get back to the wheel!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


TDF 2009 Update – 07-09-09

…yeah, I know it’s not very imaginative but I’m working on a deadline, people!  Let me also add, I know I’ve fallen behind (uhm…WAY behind) on reading blogs and I’m sorry…I need to figure out a way to get the laptop next to Emma so I can read and spin (Emma because Amelia is in TIME. OUT. dammit.*)

Anyway…update.  Yesterday’s spinning:

TDF 2009 spinning for 7/8/09

(photo taken with my new Shiny Precioussss – the iphone 3Gs – I’m pretty happy with the new camera (among other things))

2 oz of Merino/Tencel Singles – Spunky Club September 2007 – Colorway ‘Aspen’  (this month was a 2 oz hank).  I’ll be plying this 2-ply from a center pull ball today and start on the November 2007 offering of  ‘Pie for Everyone’ this afternoon.  (October 2007 was partly spun and then given away since apparently I do not like scratchy wool to spin)  To answer an ongoing question from the comments: I do not have a plan for everything, I’m going to go with what I feel for each hank when I pull it out.  For example, I know I’ll get more yardage wtih a 2-ply so that’s what I’m doing with this one (and the previous one) but I think Pie for Everyone will give me more singles yardage so I’ll probably Navajo ply it.  But, that could change, too.  ;o)  Flying by the seat of my pants, who, me?  hehe

*Update on Amelia:  I spoke with Tim at New Voyager yesterday and he’s sending me new hinges, a new upright, a new connector and a new screw to connect the connector all…FOR NOTHING.  This is why I buy Kromski.  When I had Brigit and had issues with Brigit (my Lendrum that my Dad fixed and was adopted by my Mom for her birthday) I could not get a resolution from Gord.  Because I couldn’t get him on the *bleep*ing telephone to save my life.  Or email.  Or at a show.  I tried for a. year.   This whole clicking issue has come to a resolution in under a week, you can’t beat that kind of customer service with a stick (or a clickety footman).  ;op


Tour de Cranky…

…began on Saturday.  I decided to continue to neglect Steve and made my goal something that might be a bit more challenging.  I’m going to try to empty this:

Tour de Fleece 2009 Goal

by the 26th.  (iPhone included for scale – and I’m sorry the picture is fuzzy but if I go back out there with the camera and the bin odds are good I’ll be run over by Captain Crankypants and his Mower of Doom.  In the interest of continuing with the good pictures and the blog and life itself I’ve chosen to post a fuzzy picture.  ;o)  )

That bin holds ALL my Spunky Club fiber – and I’ve been a member since late 2007 – not including the three or so months I’ve spun up over the past year.  This makes roughly 15 months worth of fiber at 4oz/month which comes out to almost 4 lbs of fiber.  Yikes.

I’ve already spun up the December 2007 offering of ‘Party Dress’ which is waiting to be plied as I type  I think I can do this…do you?  ;o)


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