I do that from time to time. ;o)

This weekend I had some friends over for a spin-in (something that I plan on doing every month) and, while chatting and laughing and having a good time, I managed to chain ply 4oz of Frabjous Fibers Merino in Stained Glass:

Frabjous Fibers - Stained Glass

I promise to have better pictures and more details after it’s skeined and had a bath.

I also just realized that I haven’t blogged about my new wheel! I bought myself a Schacht Matchless last fall from Amy and picked it up when I dropped off bags to her at SOAR. No name for her, just ‘The Matchless’ and I’m so very happy to finally own my dream wheel, the wheel I’ve wanted since I first started spinning.

I didn’t touch the sweater this weekend, but I did get it past the sleeve separation last week so there is progress!