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Hi – I’m a 30-something mom of a 20-something – and now I’m also a grandmother! (yep, I started early) who began knitting in the fall of 2004.  Spinning commenced in May 2006.

Here are 100 things about me:

  1. I knit and spin (duh).
  2. I love the color red.
  3. I have an fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty-one year old daughter whom I love and I’d love to kill on most some days.
  4. I have a  two cute dog and a wonderful man whom I love very much and without them I would not be able to deal with having said daughter. (I say this but I’d probably be able to deal. With alot of therapy. And medication)
  5. I played the flute from fifth through twelfth grade (in the same school district) and my daughter played the same flute (in the same school district).
  6. I live 17 miles from the house I grew up in.
  7. I swore I’d move as far away from the house I grew up in as I could when I ‘grew up’. I guess I haven’t grown up yet.
  8. I have naturally curly hair that is the bane of my existence. It takes me almost an hour and a half to wash it and dry it. Since I cut off 11.5 inches, it only takes me half an hour to get ready ;o) It’s also not as bad since I found NaturallyCurly.com and now I have a regime that helps keep the knots and frustration at bay.
  9. I learned to swing dance when I was 27. I went to the class by myself because the jackass I was dating at the time was too busy cheating on me (with his current wife – they’re made for each other) to go. This was a big deal because I have ‘social issues’. Crowds scare the crap out of me. I consider more than 2 people a ‘crowd’.
  10. I also design websites and would like to be a graphic artist someday (maybe when I grow up).
  11. I love old movies.
  12. I like knitting socks.
  13. I am scared to death of the number thirteen.
  14. I live within 90 minutes of Webs .
  15. I started spinning at the 2006 Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival.
  16. My parents got married so they could attend a Civil War Reenactment (The Battle of Bull Run). They are still married today. Dad is no longer allowed to have guns. (kidding!)
  17. There have only been two divorces in my family (that I know of). Mine and my uncle’s – and mine was the first.  What an amazing accomplishment, eh?
  18. I love Genealogy.
  19. I love history.
  20. I can read a 700 page novel in under 10 hours. (and retain the story line).
  21. I read Mein Kampf (Hitler’s book) for extra credit in history class. I don’t think my teacher had any idea I’d actually do it.
  22. I vote Independent.
  23. This annoys the hell out of my parents who are staunch Republicans.
  24. My father and I are not allowed to discuss politics. At all. Ever. We didn’t speak for an extremely long time after the last ‘discussion’.
  25. I do not agree with either of the Bush’s – the current one or the previous.
  26. However, I have traveled to Kennebunkport and visited their country house. They may not know so much about the politiking but they have a durned purty spot up there.
  27. I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor.
  28. I get misinterpreted often.
  29. I am very stubborn. And opinionated.
  30. I am allergic to Alpaca. And Angora.
  31. I have been to Ireland and gotten drunk with ‘locals’ AND kicked their asses at darts WHILST getting drunk. ;o)
  32. I have kissed the Blarney Stone. Twice.
  33. I swore I’d never, ever date a ‘New Yorker’ (you have to understand, this is the capital of tourism for ppl coming up from ‘the City’ and no, you aren’t all nice. You know who you are.)
  34. My BF fiance husband!! is from Huntington, Long Island.
  35. I smoked for almost 15 years. Started when I was 13, quit when I found out I was preggers at 16, started again at 19 when I got divorced and quit again when I was 27.
  36. I’ve been smoke-free for almost nine ten years.
  37. I’ll have a cig if I’m absolutely snookered but I get permission from the bf fiance husband! first (we don’t have *that* kind of relationship, believe me. He usually asks for my permission before he does anything.)
  38. I have a friend in Boston whom I talk to at least weekly via email but have never spoken to nor have I met her in person. (hey K3!)
  39. I am a geek. Not just a knitting geek but a full-out geek. I get woozy in Comp USA and have to be given time and cash limits when I’m in there. I have been known to stay up for days playing Sid Meier’s Civ IV and Pirates.
  40. I can take a computer apart and put it back together again all without RTFM (Reading The F*cking Manual).
  41. I taught myself to knit by reading a book.
  42. I have taught at least two four too many to count! other people how to knit.
  43. My IRC nick used to be HunnyB and I was cool enuf 2 b a # op ;o)
  44. I. Love. Shoes.
  45. I am not officially engaged yet but and I had my wedding dress for four years before he popped the question. It was free. Yeah, FREE. It’s a Maggie Sottero and it’s abso-freakin-lutely gorgeous. We got married on 10-10-2010!  I didn’t wear the Maggie dress, it was too ‘big’ but I still have it!
  46. There is no one else on this planet that has the same middle name as I do (that I know of). It is so rare that it seriously is not considered a word.
  47. There are only about sixteen people who actually know my middle name.
  48. My FIL-to-be has a ’48 Ford hot rod. It is painted raspberry pink. However, if you say that to him he becomes somewhat unhappy. He does not like it if you refer to his car as ‘the raspberry’. I know this from experience. This does not keep me from calling it ‘the raspberry’. (see #27)
  49. I am allergic to cats.
  50. Whomever came up with this 100 things idea is a masochist.
  51. I had two cats, Hunny and B.
  52. I go to car shows.
  53. I like to drive fast and believe that if I am late to an appointment, if I drive fast enough, time will stop and I’ll end up magically arriving on time.
  54. I live in a 200 year old house.
  55. My living room is painted red.
  56. I still have dial-up. I have DirecWay now!! Woo! I have WiSpring now!  WAY faster than DirecWay!  Woo!  ;o)
  57. When I was in high-school I wanted to be Madonna. No, seriously.
  58. My first car was a banana-yellow diesel VW Rabbit.
  59. My dad has a ’59 Bugeye Sprite with a Formula Ford engine (read: goes about faster than the speed of freakin’ light! Very leetle car. Very biiig engine) that he says he will bury himself in if that is what it takes to keep me from driving it. He wants me to believe that he is afraid for my life – I know better, he just wants to keep it all for himself. :-P
  60. My favorite song is ‘Italian Restaurant’ by Billy Joel.
  61. However, my favorite music genre is hard rock. Oh, and just about anything from the 80’s. Madonna. Rules.
  62. My first concert was AC/DC.
  63. My second was Metallica.
  64. And my third was Air Supply. (I was brainwashed.)
  65. My BIL-to-be has a ’65 Falcon Ranchero (do you see a pattern forming here?)
  66. I have seen the BareNaked Ladies twice. However, I have never thrown macaroni OR a monkey at them.
  67. My bf fiance husband! and I own a black ’67 Chevy Stepside with a kickass engine that goes REALLY FAST ;o) that we bought on Ebay from some guy in Texas.
  68. We still have the TX plates that came with the truck.
  69. I have seen Billy Joel once.
  70. was the year my BF fiance husband! was born.
  71. I love gardening.
  72. was the year I was born.
  73. I live six miles from the hospital where I was born.
  74. My favorite flowers are Peonies and Roses.
  75. My kitchen walls are painted four different colors. They match my Fiestaware.
  76. My uncle had a Spirit of ’76 Nova WITH (get this) an eight-track!
  77. I heard ‘The day the Music Died’ for the first time on that eight-track.
  78. We like fireworks.
  79. Not the sissy c-class fireworks any jackass can buy in NH either, the real thing.
  80. Our old roomie has a pyrotechnic license. (he did the fireworks at our wedding!)
  81. Which means we get to blow shit up every year (insert maniacal giggle here).
  82. No. Seriously. We do an actual show for an actual town on the 4th of July where actual people show up to actually watch us try to kill ourselves with flares and kabooms.
  83. Said town liked our suicidal tendencies enough to actually request our return! Yay!
  84. We set off four car alarms during the finale of the show last year.
  85. I quit my job last spring and took the summer and fall off.
  86. It was the best summer of my life.
  87. I am NOT a morning person.
  88. There were 67 people in my graduating class.
  89. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I cook and we have both our families here.
  90. We eat Thanksgiving dinner at an oak table that I inherited from my Grandmother.
  91. I am a perfectionist.
  92. I hate laundry (thankfully the bf husband! loves laundry – he’s a freak.)
  93. I cannot clean a toilet. I puke.
  94. Speaking of puking, I cannot even begin to think of eating a maraschino cherry (gagging as I write it). I ate my weight in them when I was a kid and then threw up for three days afterward.
  95. I have been told I am a good cook.
  96. Mice scare the hell out of me.
  97. Yet, I think hamsters are cute (go figure).
  98. I went to VA Tech all-sports camp as a child (go Hokies!). We referred to it as ‘boot camp’. I was in such good shape when I got home that when I ran my bike into a moving (moving as in ‘going 25 mph’) truck (yeah, I wrote that correctly…go ahead and read it again if you have to, I’ll wait right here….) the only injury I inflicted upon myself in my stupidity was a teensy little scrape above my left knee.
  99. I attended the 125th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg with my father as a civilian reenactor – the hoopskirt and all and holy crap was it H-O-T. It was one of the best experiences of my life.
  100. I am not very religious (but am thanking God I’m finally at 100).