I got nuthin’

Seriously.  There is nothing happening in my life at this time.  I get up, I go to work, I go try to kill myself at the gym for an hour (elliptical machines were invented by a masochist), I go home, I work some more, I cook dinner, yell at my teenager (who is now grounded for a MONTH by the way which I have never had to do before but this was a particularly heinous crime.  LYING about going to the movies and then MEETING HER BF.  She’s lucky that killing her is a crime.  She’s at my sister’s in PA for this vacation week because if she were still here she’d be dead and I’d be in jail.  WHAT was she thinking?!  Does it not occur to her that I used to pull the same crap – hence the reason why she exists – NOT SO LONG AGO and I know the tricks?!?!)…where was I?  Ohyeah, yelling at my teenager, then I knit for a few hours which watching TV before falling into bed, sleeping and waking up to be able to do it all over again.  *sigh*

Okay I guess I have been knitting a little bit, I’ll post some photos either later today or tomorrow.  I’ve also been making beaded stitch markers which I am planning on selling on eBay and hopefully some local stores if they’ll have me.  I’ll post some photos of those, too….

That’s it…that’s all I got.