Truth in Advertising

I usually don’t dress my dog, she does not like it one bit and as soon as I put anything on her she starts rubbing herself on anything within her realm in a desperate attempt to remove whatever item I have put on her.  However, I couldn’t help myself.  I saw the cutest thing the other day…a t-shirt for my dog that says ‘Momma is a Yarn Ho’. I bought it and here it is in action:

Ain’t she CUUUUUTE?!

She was being majorly bribed to sit there while I took the photo, btw.  Oh, and the big black thing on her collar is the wireless fence we have to have because her Dad taught her to run over to my apartment (I was living next door when we met, and you can probably guess how we met) to say hello and now she KEEPS running over to my apartment to say hello even though I don’t live there anymore!

The shirt was on for a grand total of five minutes.