It’s starting to get to me….

Okay, I think I’m going to need oxygen soon.  In less than 24 hours – LESS THAN TWENTY-FOUR HOURS – I will be at the Webs tent sale.  I can’t bear the suspense.  My sister is actually coming up from Pennsylvania (read: MIDDLE OF FREAKING EAST CUPCAKE WHERE YOU CAN’T FIND AN LYS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE) for this SEX (SEX: Stash Enhancement Expedition get your mind out of the gutter…ew) AND is staying at my house tonight so she can drag my sorry ass out of bed at freaking 7 am ON A SATURDAY so we can get the best stuff.  Little does she know that it’s not going to be so hard to get me up and going (however, if I allow her to believe this I will get coffee made for me and no one will talk to me until I tell them it is safe.  I’m not so stoopid as I look) and I’m not above elbowing her scrawny arse out of my way to get to the silk (I’m allergic to Alpaca – yes it sucks to be me because for some reason the most popular wool/silk blend is AL-FREAKING-PACA AND SILK which just ruins my life – and all my friends think mohair is too ‘scratchy’ which narrows my gift-giving scope just a titch).

OHmyGod I think I’m going to have to start counting the minutes.