Hmm..well…apparently I have no excitement in my life

…why do I say this?  Because I haven’t posted in a week and guess what?  It’s because nothing that I can write about of any real interest  has happened.  Sorry people, I hate to disappoint my reading public (I know you’re out there, you may not leave any comments but I can hear your breathing) but I got nuthin….again.

The Honeymoon Cami is coming along however, I seriously doubt I will have it done for the car show this weekend since we are leaving TOMORROW and the thing is only 9 inches long.  My upper body is well over nine inches and trust me you want as much of it covered as possible whilst wearing a cami.  I’m also going to have to fudge the top of it because there is no way in hell I can wear anything sans brassiere – at least not in public without blinding people.  THEREFORE (can you tell I was a paralegal in a past life?) there will be no cami this weekend *sob* the knitting gods hate me

So…I promise there will be photos next week…and more posting…but it’s past my bedtime…