Speakers & an Olympic Team

Well, today I’m pretty much on my own. RR usually works on Saturdays but on this Saturday he is working in the City (New York, for those not from ‘The Berkshires’). I seriously considered going with him, but despite Carole’s best efforts of arm-twisting yesterday I just couldn’t drag my ass out of bed at whatever

unGodly hour he left this morning. What the heck is he doing in NYC, you ask? Well…installing these B&W speakers (click on the picture to the right to get the full effect) as well as a full sound system in the test/TV kitchen of a well-known chef. I’m not allowed to say who but I think he’s taking photos of the installation today so if he does, I’ll post a couple on here so you all can see what magic my A/V geek produces at his day job ;o) The price tag on this lovely project? Over $200,000. Must be nice, eh? ;o) I can’t complain too much, systems like this one help me pay for my yarn stash!

On the Olympic Knitting front, I got an email that my buttons have been shipped! Yay!! I’ve also been trying to find an Olympic ‘team’ to join, but none of them have really felt right to me. I’ve searched far and wide for a ‘Team Scotland’ button and can’t find one so, I made my own.

If anyone would like to join me, let me know and I’ll list you as a team member. You don’t have to be Scottish or live in Scotland (although that helps), all you need is to like the button, want to be on the team and save the button to your own server, etc. (and not refer to it as the ‘Scotch Team’ – we may drink it, but it’s not our name!) – how easy is that?

Next up…Lucy & Ethel visit IKEA…stay tuned!