Olympic Progress – Day 3

Hi – welcome to day three! I like to think of this part of my sweater as The Long Program. I’ve gotten the interesting stuff done and now its time for stamina to kick in ;o) You want to see a photo, dontcha ;o)

Roger and I did go to the City today but unfortunately I was a bit optimistic with my expectation of getting to The Point at 1pm (I am *really* sorry I missed you, Elizzabetty). We got there around 4 or 4:30 but I can’t complain (too much) because the reason we were late was we had the most delicious, involved lunch that I’ve ever had in my life. The client where RR installed the speakers I mentioned has a restaurant on West Broadway and he treated us to lunch today. He specializes in French cuisine which usually consists of several small courses which leave you extremely full.

I also realized that my Blogiversary is coming up in a few days so in honor of that and because I have a helluva lot of yarn I’m having a little contest. I’d like you all to take a guess at who treated us to lunch today ;o) I’m going to give you some hints that, if you do some creative Googling, will lead you to his identity. (Karen, I’m sorry but you’re disqualified because I told you who he was a couple weeks ago…sorry…!). So, here are your hints:

  • His initials are DB
  • His last name ends in ‘y’
  • The restaurant is located in TriBeCa and bears his last name.
  • He also has a bakery in the same area.
  • The New York Metro Guide says he is “famously obstreperous”.

Between those and what I’ve already said about him you should be able to at least get close. Here’s one more hint -when you’re Googling, make sure you view the cached pages that come up ;o)

The first person (other than Karen) who guesses correctly wins two skeins of LL Shepherd Sock in my choice of color and if no one guesses correctly I will choose a random person from the comments on this post on Wednesday evening. This means that even if you guess wrong you have a chance at scoring some sock yarn so get to it and give me a guess! added: Contest is closed – we have a winner! I had no idea I made it so freaking easy!! I’ll be having another contest in a few days on my actual blogiversary so stay tuned!

Do you guys want to know about my visit to The Point? Follow the link to read my extended entry ;o) Just to warn you, it’s not pretty.  Continue reading “Olympic Progress – Day 3”