Just when you thought…

…that every possible Olympic team had been thought up…

Deb and I came up with a new one! We are proud to announce the formation of *drumroll*

The Knitting Olympics Curling Team!

We even have a button:

And some rules:

1. You must have wavy or curly hair.

2. If you don’t have curly hair, liking it is okay

3. Even if you don’t like it, if you know someone who has curly
hair you’re in

4. Liking the button is enough to get in

5. Not participating in the Knitting Olympics and just want to cheer us on? You’re

Pretty easy, eh?

I’d also like to thank everyone for their comments over the past two days – I can’t send out individual emails to you because my web host has lost all the emails that were sent to me via the blog over the past day and a half. So thank you and I’m sorry I can’t send you an individual response. :o)