Olympic Knitting – Day…what freaking day is it, anyway?!

You know what? THIS is not something you want to wake up to find when you have a little over two days to knit a freaking sweater:

Yep, it’s a glaring mistake.

Guess what I got to do while drinking my coffee this morning?

On a positive note, the body of the sweater is done:

and BLOCKED thankyouverymuch.

And, even though I had a setback, here is what I had to show for my day’s efforts:

I finally got my copy of The Opinionated Knitter and let me tell you it is freaking hard not to drop everything to read it. FREAKING. HARD. It took no less than two weeks from ordering it on Amazon to get it so this is a Herculean effort, people. Maybe I’ll read it in bed while I let these puppies do their work:

I love these things – I bought them from the Knitting Fairy last year when my wrists first started hurting and ohmyGod I love them. Wait. I already said that. Ohwell ;o)

I’m hoping after Sunday I’ll have lost the manic look I’ve been sporting since about 9:30 this morning (see above) and RR will sit next to me on the couch again. He moved on me tonight – something about being afraid for his personal safety or some such crap. Pansy.