So now it’s Monday…

…my daughter (Dobby) is now insisting I no longer exist, refuses to tell me her friend’s name (you know – the one who is going to be a fiber millionaire-ess), still won’t speak to me (which is actually a blessing – sssshhhhh), has hidden my Pride & Prejudice DVD’s (little does she know – I copied them to my laptop! HAHAHA!), will only eat frozen pizza and has a new best friend, Aaron.

And we still have no milk.

But I’ve got a bitchin’ sweater!!!

I am now officially in love with this garment. I can’t believe how well it fits – IT. FITS. Did I mention that I didn’t try this thing on until I was done? UNHEARD OF. It’s like I taunted the knitting gods and somehow came out on top. Freaky weird. That, like, NEVER happens. I just know it’s going to bite me on the ass at some point. *sigh*

I have to admit, during the last hours of knitting The Sweater (as it shall be hereafter referred) I was building up a healthy dose of hate for it. The hood? Took me like TWO DAYS. Did I mention that it is Kitchenered across the top? That’s 56 stitches that needed to be grafted. FIFTY. SIX. I only screwed up twice but you know what? Odds are I’ll never wear the hood up so no one but me, RR, Dobby and the neighbors (the ones who heard me screaming) will know about it. So, even though I seriously hated The Sweater during the last hours I now love it. L.O.V.E. it. Do you think people will notice if I wear it for a week straight? ;o)

Wanna know what I did while I knit this? I didn’t really begin knitting The Sweater ‘in earnest’ until Wednesday. At that point the television was not allowed to be on – which totally pissed Dobby off but you know what? When she pays the damned bill she can have it on all she wants. Reading a frickin’ book won’t kill her. I spent the next four days with earphones plugged into my ears alternating between Memoirs of a Geisha (got 80% through it – 18 hours of spoken word) and watching P&P (the A&E version). I watched P&P straight through – twice. On my laptop – which was very cool because I noticed a lot of little details that were lost to me when I watched it on the TV (because I am blind. and vain. Which means I can’t see a damned thing half the time). Like, when Lizzy is completely bad-mouthing Darcy during the ‘assemblies’ (okay that’s probably spelled wrong, sorry) he can usually be seen in the background. That’s the only thing I can remember right now, but there’s a lot that can be seen going on in the background. Oh, and his ‘loving, smoldering looks’ are WAY more intense up close. *sigh* oh, *ahem* sorry. I also got caught up on Cast-On (six episodes) and listened to a few new knitting podcasts. Having the headphones on lets me focus, shuts out a lot of the sounds around me and I swear, makes me knit faster. It also keeps family members from talking excessively and screwing up my counting ;o)

So, if all my comments are to be believed I think I might have earned a gold medal…? I’m going to wait until I hear from the higher-ups before I get all excited but hell…that’d be pretty cool.