HOW could I forget?

As soon as I finish Odessa I will be starting to knit for this. Christine has made a request for blue knitted squares so she can put together an afghan for her older brother who is battling a recurring brain tumor. I’m hoping that there are a few knitters who read this blog who can spare an evening to knit a square for this man who is facing something that is just so frightening. I can’t read her entries about it without crying for her whole family.

Cancer is so ugly and it is not easy for anyone involved. It has touched my family more than once so when I hear of others who are suffering it hurts my heart. I hope that this afghan will give him comfort at this time – and also will give comfort to Christine to let her know that there are plenty of knitters in the world that are thinking of her and her family and hoping, along with her, for the best. If you can spare an evening please consider contributing.