I’m so totally stealing….

…from Carole for this post (please forgive me). Mostly because I just want to curl up and die and thinking up an original post is just too hard to even contemplate right now.

So, here is the ‘JessaLu’ version of The Good, The Bad and the Too Horrible to Contemplate:

Good: Getting the dentist out of the way yesterday and the drugs they gave me – I can’t remember much of it.

Bad: Thinking that it was the last visit for a long time and I’d be 99.9% done except for a cleaning twice a year.

Worse: My teeth right now. The fact that I can’t close my mouth like I used to because my back teeth have been built up (which was the plan, but it still hurts), the fact that I can’t open my mouth without pain and…I have to go back again in about 6 weeks to maybe, possibly, hopefully be FINALLY done with this bullshit.

Horrible: I GOT MY EFFING PERIOD yesterday so the cramps are awful and…did I mention that I just want to die? (Dobby and WB – aren’t you glad you started reading my blog?)

Too Horrible to Contemplate: The pile of work waiting for me when I return tomorrow.

Okay whining over. (at least whining in public, I’ll be whining to RR all day on the phone)

So, who all’s going to Cummington on Saturday??

I’m going to go sit curl up in a ball of misery lay on the couch and feel sorry for myself now. Thanks for listening…