Organization, schmorganization…

…I kinda have a slight problem with it.

(ignore this again, still trying to claim the damned feed.)

So, to help myself keep track of what the hell I’m doing and what the hell I’ve gone and signed myself up for I’m going to try to post an update on progress and knitalongs/along-alongs and spinning on Fridays.

Yeah, I know it’s Saturday. Read the first sentence.

First up, I signed up for saturday_sky.jpg so here is my first contribution:

Next, I signed up for summerspinning.gif The goal I set for myself is to #1 buy my own wheel (check) and #2 spin enough yarn to knit a pair of socks (working on it). So far I’ve finished the first hank-o-roving, filled a bobbin with it and I’m about halfway through the 2nd. What hank, you ask? Why, it’s Vesper Hand-Dyed Roving in the colorway ‘Afterglow’.

This stuff is gorgeous, Julia does a great job:

Okay let’s see what else….

Ohyeah I bought some stuff last weekend (other than Brigid):

On the left and in the middle are Grafton Fiber batts and on the bottom is two bags of tussah silk. I haven’t received the fast flyer head yet so I’m not even thinking of touching the silk…yet. (The fast flyer head is supposed to be getting mailed to me – I can only hope the person I bought Brigid from doesn’t forget about it…)

And I’m working on some Wyvern sockage (two on one needle):

The yarn is STR Scottish Highlands. It’s working out really well for this pattern :o)

So far CeCe is stalled because I screwed up the pattern right in the middle of the back and I’m trying to wrap my brain around how to fix it without ripping. I *know* I can do it, I just have to put some thought into it. And Madli? Sitting in her basket waiting patiently for some attention…ohyeah and I’m working on the socks from the first skein of the STR sock of the month club – I’m like four inches into the first one. It lives in my purse and I knit on it when I’m stuck at a light or waiting to check out at the grocery store – it’s going to be a while before those are done…

ETA: Link to Wyvern pattern – sorry about that…