Things Dobby has learned since Friday…

…and some knitting stuff at the end ;o)

  • When Mom says ‘brake’ she means put your foot on the brake pedal and apply pressure. SLLLOOOOWWWWLLLYYYY.
  • Whem Mom yells ‘BRAKE’ she means stop RIGHT NOW or the e-brake is going on.
  • When Mom pulls the e-brake it’s not fun like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and we don’t go sliding sideways like when Roger pulls it to do doughnuts in a rainstorm…(in a parking lot…at night…with nobody around…*ahem*)
  • When Mom says ‘two and ten o’clock’ she means put your damned hands at two and ten o’clock on the fricken wheel or you’re not driving.
  • When Mom says, “that’s it, Roger is teaching you how to drive” that doesn’t mean you have the all clear to be a snotty-ass kid and reply with ‘whatEVER‘, it means you’d better say you’re sorry and do what she says or else.
  • And ‘or else’ means you won’t fricken drive ’til you’re 18.
  • Seriously.

We will speak no more of this. My nerves are shot.

Now, because Scout asked me so very nicely earlier today (ummm, NOT.), here are my UFO‘s. All four of them:


Clockwise from upper left: French Market Bag, CeCe, Cedar Creek Socks,
my own handspun socks (yes, Abi. SOCKS.)

So this whole Scout-says-show (or count, or both – whatever)-your-UFO thing is a meme so…if you’re reading this…TAG, you’re it ;o) Gotcha, hehe

I noticed today, and I don’t know if it’s cuz I’m hot and cranky or just cranky but the Cedar Creek pattern is just pissing me off. It’s a wonderful pattern, don’t get me wrong and it’s coming out beautifully. It’s just so fricken fiddley when you’re a thrower. There’s like eleventymillion k1p1’s in every row. It’s making me nuts!

ohyeah and I’ve been spinning, too…but you’ve seen enough pictures for today…and if I show you everything all at once you’ll never come back and then what will I do to amuse myself? ;o)