I’ve Learned…

…welcome to another installment of ‘I’ve Learned’!

So far this weekend I’ve learned…

  • …that if you give a teenager and her boyfriend an inch, they will take not just one mile, but seventy-kajillion. Technically I already knew this. However, I re-learned it this weekend.
  • …My ex is a serial-relationship-ist.
  • …that show Pinks on the Speed Channel is pretty much Jerry Springer with fast cars.
  • …the Pomatom-whatever socks are evil. And if I didn’t like the Art Yarns Supermerino so much I’d set the whole pile on fire.
  • …Library Thing ROCKS

Okay so the highlight of the weekend was Saturday night when a certain teen told her mother that she would be home by 9pm then decided to call home AT 9pm to tell her mother that she would be home in 1/2 an hour because they had just finished eating dinner. It then became clear that said teenager had gotten out of the movie they (allegedly) went to at 5:30pm so therefore had THREE hours to eat dinner and get her ass home on time. Said teenager and partner-in-crime are on probation. Mom is pissed. This has been made clear.

I also found out that Dobby‘s father has a new victim, er girlfriend. It amazes me how this man can have more relationships than I can count (using both hands AND feet, thankyouverymuch) and yet takes every opportunity to #1 point out that I have had several relationships (nevermind the fact that he has had no less than four in the time RR and I have been together and I have had a grand total of three long-term relationships. This includes Mr. Potato Head) and #2 point out that he feels Dobby is…well, he’s not very nice to her. If you look up hypocrite in the dictionary, his picture is there as the description. The ass. (oh, found out that I need to be careful using the word *ss. Apparently someone landed here after Googling “in my *ss.” Nice. Some ppl just need to get a hobby. OHwait, they apparently already have one – they just need to not share it with me.)

Have you guys seen/heard of the show Pinks? It’s on the Speed channel who-knows-when (we have TiVo and don’t pay attention to such things half the time). I got to watch a few moments of a show with RR the other night. This show is seriously just like Jerry Springer with racing thrown in. Other than that, it defies description. (sorry honey…)

And another thing…I’m having a helluva time with the Pomatomus sockage. This pattern is really kicking my ass. Of course, if I wasn’t trying to watch Jerry Springer, er Pinks while knitting I might not have half as many issues with it…

Oh and I can’t remember where I came across it but I LOVE Library Thing! I found it right before we transformed a corner of our office from this:

to this

(isn’t that awesome!?! My books have a home!) So while I was moving books from pretty much everywhere in the house to my new lovely ‘Library Corner’ I added all the books I could find to my list. I have a crapload more, I just haven’t had the time to mess with it. One of the cool things they have is a bookmarklet so when you’re looking at Amazon.com and come across something you own you can click on the bookmarklet and it adds the book to your Library Thing list. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

What?!?! Yeah I know I’m a geek. You’re not going to change me so just ride with it ;o)

Oh and that picture of RR the other day? Ummmmyeah he saw the stash. Ewps. Okay technically he didn’t see *all* of the stash, only a good bit of sock yarn. It was still enough to not only put him in shock but start the ‘this is why we can’t ever afford to get (insert M word here)’ lecture. Fun times. That lecture is one of my personal favorites. It’s up there in the top five along with ‘I can’t walk through the kitchen because your damned shoes tried to kill me’, ‘Why can’t anyone else empty the garbage’ and don’t forget the classic ‘Where did all the bathroom towels go’.

So why did I jeopardize my life as I know it by yanking out the stash while he was home? You’ll find out why in a few days (as long as the UPS man doesn’t screw up my shipment…)