Sometimes the sun, the moon and the stars…

…align just-so and an opportunity that is just too good to pass up presents itself. This happened to me last week and I’ve been DYING to tell everyone about it.

I was minding my own business, perusing the Yahoo! Spin-Sales list and this notice popped out at me. It was an ad for a used Ashford Traditional for an amazing price and – how awesome is this – the seller was willing to trade SOCK YARN for it. SOCK FRICKEN YARN! I knew I was hoarding collecting it for a reason (well, other than knitting socks…). I thought about it, then thought about it some more and then, believe it or not, I asked RR‘s opinion and THEN I emailed the seller asking if the wheel was still available.

Her response was that she had a sale lined up but it fell through because she couldn’t get a flyer for it fast enough for the buyer.

It was meant to be.

Because, as we all know, I am the epitome of patience. No flyer? No problem!

We agreed on a number and I started hauling sock yarn out from all the dark corners of the house where I had stashed it. Then I remembered that RR was home and watching me. oopsies. *ahem*

This is where he employed Lecture #4, in case you’re wondering.

So I sent off the cash, the yarn and started with the finger crossing that a wheel would show up (since I am not Miss Mary Sunshine and I trust no one). Thankfully, in this instance, my lack of faith in my fellow humans was unjustified. After checking the tracking on every hour for the past week this showed up today:


In about three milliseconds I had it open (I only had to use my teeth twice – there was ALOT of packing tape).

Have I mentioned that I’ve never had to put together a wheel let alone seen an Ashford Traditional in person before? Um yeah.

So, twenty minutes later I had this:

I only had to look at a picture once.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the flyer. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting in front of my new baby treadling like crazy ;o) Just ‘cuz I can.