A Rare Moment…

…an overheard conversation…(there’s knitting and spinning stuff at the end…bear with me, k?)

*Dobby just gets home from a shopping trip with Whipping Boy*

Dobby: Mom…

Me: Yeah?

Dobby: I want to go shopping with you.

Me: EH? (I was spinning…and distracted)

Dobby: I want to go shopping with you – you find stuff for me. This was hard – I barely found anything that I liked.

Me: *speechless*

So, wanna see some knitting? Maybe even some spinning stuff? Oh good, cuz I have some.

I’ve had this pattern for a while but just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. It took me finally having 10 minutes to myself to actually read the booklet to finally get it.

I had a couple of false starts, the pattern calls for Koigu of which I have two skeins. I need three to make two socks and there are alot of ends dangling which means there is alot of waste which means I don’t want to use the Koigu.

Anyway, now I have this

Pretty cool, eh? This is turning into a pretty thick fabric so I doubt I’ll be able to wear these as ‘everyday’ socks, but they’ll make great bed socks ;o) Oh and the yarn? Dyed by me ;o) Makes me think of watermelons.

Oh, you want to hear about the wheel? She’s doing great :o) The flyer got here on Wednesday and was installed by Janet at our bi-monthly south county meeting of the Berkshire County Knitters. Since I was the only person lugging a wheel into the (somewhat small) coffee shop I got some attention ;o) I didn’t do a whole lot of spinning because I forgot my wheel oil :o(

Once I got her home and oiled up she spun like a dream – and I’ve been having trouble stopping…

So far I’ve spun this


This is the targhee/mohair mix I bought in Vermont

and this


Spunky Eclectic Roving in Neopolitan

She doesn’t have a name, yet. I’m waiting to hear what she tells me.

So….I’m going to go spin on her for a bit now…just to see if she says anything…