Saturday Sky…and a break…

It’s a non-recent photo but it is a sky, it was taken by me and it was on a Saturday. It was just taken a few months ago (notice the lack of leaves on the trees…) instead of today. I think it’s a very striking photo – and it’s one of my favorites. This hill is right down the street from us so I drive by it every day.

I have a good excuse for posting an old picture…we’re leaving for a whirlwind five-day Disney World vacation on Wednesday afternoon and I have to pack. And since it’s Florida at the end of August you never know just what to expect which means there is ALOT of packing going on. And nervous twitching.

The twitching is not just because of the packing and the worrying about the increased security. It’s the worrying about my knitting. They damned well better let me have it on the plane. I plan on printing out the lovely handbook you can find here and I’m already ‘getting my paralegal on’ as RR likes to put it. Worst case, I’m also packing a project (and my drop spindle) in the suitcase so if they confiscate my needles I’ll have something to do when we get there.

…that is, as long as the luggage doesn’t get lost. (and no, I haven’t decided just what project yet…)

So, I guess what I’m saying also is that this is going to be the last post ’til we get back next week. Wish me luck with the whole Florida heat/crowds/Disney thing. Hopefully I don’t go postal after riding It’s a Small World for the eleventymillionth time. ;o)

Crap. Now I have the song stuck in my head.