The best part about a vacation…

…is coming home again. The dog was so happy to see us that she ran through the underground fence to greet us.

This post is sans photos because a certain someone thought that it would be a good idea to bring the camera to work with him today. He has been corrected in that thought process and reminded that we have several memory cards and he could have left the one with the vacation photos here with me. ;o)

So, since I don’t have the camera there will be no photos. There will, however, be a summary of what our vacation consisted of:

  • There was a lovely full-body patdown thanks to my implants (the titanium dental variety – though I think the lovely woman who treated me to the patdown thought I had referred to boobages, not teeth. Titanium boobage implants, contemplate that for a few moments, I’ll wait.)
  • There was hotness (and hottness)
  • There was humidity
  • There was overpriced bottled water
  • There were long drama-filled teenage phone calls
  • There were fireworks
  • There was zipper breakage
  • There were really cool rides
  • There were awesome coasters
  • There were long lines
  • There was frustration
  • There were horrible kids (thankfully, not mine. Except for that once…okay maybe twice)
  • There were pushy people
  • and a really cool hotel
  • There was Epcot, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom (not necessarily in that order)
  • Oh, and WALMART. (trust me, it was necessary.)
  • There was knitting…on the plane ;o)
  • There was the relinquishment of responsibility
  • And finally, the complete loss of my sanity.

I’ll be bringing you details over the course of the next few days…

Overall, I’m really happy to be home. I’m also exhausted and have over 950 unread on my bloglines. I also have 200+ emails. I think I might be marking all the blog entries read and starting from scratch. I love reading all my bloglines subscriptions however, this is kind of overwhelming. Add laundry and unpacking to that and holy crap is my head spinning ;o)