Then there was Epcot…

Epcot is our family’s favorite of all the parks in DisneyWorld. I know that’s kinda weird and some people think its pretty boring but we all like to explore and learn things about the world we live in. The best part? TEST TRACK!!! woot!

And don’t forget the ‘Drinking Around the World’ game. This is where you start with a beer in Canada and end up passing out sometime between China and Mexico ;o) We did not play this game this time around but trust me, we seriously considered it.

Here are a few photos from Epcot:

…notice on the left there that Dobby found a friend…it’s a Norwegian Troll but we all
thought it looked alot like the house-elf ‘Dobby’ from Harry Potter. Oh,
and guess what else was in Norway? Dale of Norway. MORE KNITTING! YAY!!

I did do some knitting while we were there, mostly while waiting in line for rides and waiting for the plane to board (photos to follow – I’m trying to stretch this out for your guys so you don’t get too bored). I had a couple of movies in my Palm T|X to watch during the flights so I indulged in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and O Brother Where Art Thou instead of knitting while on the plane ;o)