Of Mice and Men…

…and packages in the mail…oh and yeah, I’m still knitting ;o)

We continue our saga at the Magic Kingdom where we found out a new way to punish a teen that likes to do this:

You just put them in one of these!

BRILLIANT! Do you think Child Services would have a problem with this? Okay let me ask that question again. If I let them have Dobby for a few days, THEN do you think they’ll have a problem with it? I’m thinking after a few days of ‘the mouth’ they might agree with me that it’s a good idea, hehehe ;o)

We spent the day wandering around, bouncing off other unfortunate families that had the same glazed, cash-milked look in their eyes that we did, who were being dragged from ride to ride and store to store by relentless children who alternated between euphoric and homicidal (kinda like me when I’m PMSing) ;o)

The highlights were Space Mountain and (believe it or not) Pirates of the Caribbean (which has undergone a bit of a makeover). I think we went on a bunch of other rides but honestly, this was day three and four and ohmiGod I was exhausted. I’m lucky I remember that we went there!

The best part was the fireworks at the end:

Next up, MGM!

When I got home there was a package here waiting for me – it was Marco Polo from the Yarn Aboard! swap. YAY! I ripped it open as fast as I could and found this inside:

Leah was my swap pal and she did a great job – I love everything! The roving that is on the left was dyed by Leah and it is beautiful! In fact, I already started spinning the Spunky Eclectic ‘Rosey Fingered Dawn’

I just couldn’t stop myself! (The rubber band is there on my flyer because Brigid is having some problems…and since I can’t just drive to Webs anytime I want (which SUCKS but RR won’t let us move any closer, which I think is very inconsiderate of him if you ask me *g*) she hasn’t gotten looked at yet…I think it might be a balance issue but the rubber band hasn’t made much of a difference. At least if it’s on there I can feel like I’m doing something…)

Oh and speaking of Webs, guess what came in the mail today? I got an email from them yesterday that they had some more clearance Silky Wool come in so I pounced and got this:

which is going to become an Eris pullover (look, I’m even swatching!!). It’s a lovely oatmeal-y color and boy is it yummy and soft.

So now do you want to see what I did while I was on vacation? Okay, knitting-wise this is what I produced:

This first sock I worked on while waiting for the plane on the way down:

Then, during the trip and on the way home I worked on this:

…we went to a party last night and now I’m at the heel on the 2nd sock (yeah, I’m a party animal – I sit in the corner and knit *g*)

…spinning-wise…I started spinning some silk on the Bosworth and ohmyGod is it wonderful.

Okay I think that about does it for now – next up, MGM and the beginnings of Eris (maybe…if I can stop spinning for five minutes…)