For those of you who will be playing Rhinebeck Bingo and will be in search of me this Saturday, know this (shamelessly copied from here):

  • I have curly blond-ish chin-length hair – and a tendency to forget things…proving my blond-ness
  • I am 5′ 7″ which can be considered medium height – or tall-ish, I’ll let you decide
  • I will be wearing a purple sweater. Unless it gets warm, then I won’t be ;o)
  • I will also be wearing hand-knit sockage.
  • I can get kinda freaked out in crowds, so please don’t corner me in a booth. I might cry, or I might make a break for it. Either way, it’ll probably scare the hell out of both of us so please…give me some elbow room…k? Thanks :o)
  • Odds are good that I’ll have headphones on (see above about crowds – I listen to my mp3 player to distract myself that I am surrounded by thousands of strangers). It’s okay to tap me on the shoulder to say ‘Hi’ – I don’t bite ;o) At least…not at first…

That’s all I can think of – I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

Want another sweater photo? I wasn’t happy with most of the ones RR took so I messed with the best one a little bit in Photoshop: