…I heard a rumor that there was this thing going on in upstate NY…you could do some serious stash enhancement and there might be a blogger or two wandering about… ;o)

I set out Saturday morning – okay, late morning since I had a few errands to run before I could head out. I arrived around lunchtime to find a line that rivaled all the lines I faced while at Disney World – it took me 15 minutes just to get to the ticket booth (my fault for getting there late…). I headed for the nearest building and ran into Cyn and her friend – who kept me company for a while (for which I am very grateful).

My first hit was Foxfire Fiber. You see, back in May at the Mass S&W when I first learned to spin I really wanted to buy some of their cashmere/silk blend and they wouldn’t let me – because I was a new spinner. (For those of you who know me, this was definitely a challenge. I don’t take getting told, “no, you can’t” very well ;o) ) So, I went to this festival armed with my spindle loaded with silk so I could show them that I can handle the cashmere (oh yes, I did). The girls at the booth got quite a kick out of my story – and my proof ;o) I scored two bags of the blend and two of the BFL – I have plans, oh yes, I have plans…

Once I was done there it was time for the blogger meetup. There were bloggers as far as the eye could see! I saw old blogging friends here, there and everywhere (and over there too! Hi (blogless) Sharon!) oh, and made some new ones as well :o) (as I told everyone, my memory? Not so good – so please, shout out in the comments…thanks!) I was there for the meetup last year and let me just say, this one was WAY bigger. Way. (There were also a few bloggers that couldn’t make it and were missed…very much missed. There were also bloggers that I knew where going and I didn’t see – too many to list and I’m sorry I missed you :o( )

Hi Deb!

After the meetup, a few of us wandered over to the other barns – where I scored a purpleheart Bosworth (from the Bosworths, of course) and

oh you blend…

8 oz of wool/mohair blend from a really nice lady in bldg 31 – and I was so spaced that I totally forgot to find out who I was buying from!

At that point, we were all pretty tired – however, Carole managed to whip up enough energy to make a break for the fleece sale ;o)

I did another quick walk-through of Building A to check with Dave as to whether he had my wheel ready (he didn’t *sniffle*) and I grabbed another spindle from the Grafton Fibers booth (and said hi to Linda – who was exhausted and practically batt-less by that time).

After that, I went to try to find my car (can I just say – thank God the starter RR put in it has a 1/2 mile range and the horn is nice and loud…) and then find the hotel where Carole and Laurie were hosting Winebeck. Holy traffic, Batman – it took forever to get outta dodge. Good thing I had a book to listen to and a sock to knit on while I sat in traffic ;o)

I finally regretfully tore myself away from the wonderful conversation at Carole’s around 9ish and made my way home (next year you guys are going to be stuck with me). Once I got there I was asleep within 15 minutes – the day had completely wiped me out. I woke up this morning and felt like I had been trampled – take note…a month of bronchitis on the couch does not prepare you well for the rigors of Rhinebeck ;o)

Want some more pictures? Suuuure you do ;o)

On the Left is the cashmere/tussah, on the Right is the BFL from Foxfire. It was worth the wait ;o)

Grafton spindle and cashmere/silk on the Left, Bosworth and BFL on the Right

The remains of the fleece sale…

All in all it was a great day with great company – and I got everything I wanted! Yay!