I have nothing…so I shall assail you with cuteness…

….this is a knitting blog, I know…but the camera is in the car and dammit, it’s cold outside! ;o)

So, here you are – first, we have frustration for lack of opposable thumbs…

Open says ME!

oooo I got a lil bit there…

Next, we have unabashed begging:

Then, complete and utter shame in her behavior (if she had pants, the top button would be undone, hehe):

and finally, just like Thanksgiving…a nap.

For her birthday, Beanie gets 1/2 a container of Frosty Paws (she used to get a whole one, but RR got tired of getting up with her 12x the night after). It is her absolute favorite thing. Other than cookies. Those are her other absolute favorite thing. Oh and breakfast…and dinner…she likes those just as much ;o)

Beanie would like me to add that she also enjoys her Greenies, and chew bones…OH and the special chewy she gets after her bath (not the bath so much, but the chewy after makes up for it. Sort of. She thinks baths are stupid.) She didn’t want them to feel left out ;o)