Oh yeah…the knitting…

I would have loved to have posted this earlier – however, when it rains as hard as it did here today, the satellite internet connection no work-y. Very frustrating.

Anyway, had I posted earlier, I wouldn’t have had this lovely photo to share with you:


Guess who got the rest of her braces put on today…aaaaand guess who’s a lil cranky about it…

Isn’t she lovely? hehehe

Oh, and the knitting:

I’m most of the way through the 3rd repeat (of 5) of chart 3 (of 4) of Ene’s Scarf – almost there!

One more thing – for fans of The OfficeMichael and Dwight are bringing sexy back and it’s freaking. hilarious. ;o)

Hi – Beanie here :o) I’d like to thank everyone for their Birthday wishes and let you all know that I only woke Daddy up four times (he was pretty cranky after the second time but knew that if he didn’t let me out, we would ALL regret it). I’d also like to move in with Marina (though Momma says she’d miss me and the steak will probably kill me. I don’t care – it’s STEAK and I haven’t had red meat since…well, since last Christmas!) – and Bella? You’re pretty cute yourself! Layla – I’d love to hang out! Sitting on balls of yarn is my 2nd favorite thing to do – my first is getting tangled up in the string and dragging it across the room while Momma yells and Daddy tries to catch me ;o)