Now he’s 30-something going on 14…

…going on 14 because I swear sometimes he has the sense of humor of a pre-teen ;o)

<7E8EFEA0> (ignore this, still trying to claim my feed at bloglines. My freedback on this is that it sucks and I’ve been trying to do this for like six months and it never works and I’ve never gotten any actual helpful tech support on this issue but my feed keeps falling off the face of the earth and I’m hoping that if I can finally claim it I won’t have to wait THREE DAYS for them to reset it for me. *end rant*)

If you haven’t already guessed, today is RR‘s birthday! I knit him a Shedir (link is to a .pdf file – Knitty’s 2004 Breast Cancer Awareness issue) hat (which he loves) but, get this, he won’t let me take a picture of him wearing it. Which makes no sense, because he let me take this picture:

and this one:

Here’s a hint: Look below the quilt – proves the whole pre-teen sense of humor thing, doesn’t it? ;o) (and sorry about the bad picture, old camera, etc.)

So what the hell is wrong with a picture wearing an (if I do say so myself) exceptionally well-knit hat? *sigh* Men make no sense sometimes ;o)

Happy Birthday – I love you! :o)

P.S. November is a birthday-heavy month for us. I swear, this is it for birthdays for a while!